The Best Internship For You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Let the stars guide you career path


A killer internship is the perfect way to gain experience, as well as find out what your dream career might actually be like. Plus, it gives you an edge when it comes to making career connections that will help you find work post graduation.

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If you’re wondering which internship would best suit you, but aren’t totally sure if it’s a good fit, then let the stars help guide you to the right one!



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The Ram has an innate drive to succeed and lead. Other than your super ambitious nature — not to mention your incredibly competitive side — you also heavily rely on instinct, and you’re rarely wrong. Which is why you would do well with an internship in finance, or government and politics.



The Bull is a determined and very focused worker. You also thrive on results and stability, in addition to having a real love for sensual things, like food, clothing, and flowers. An internship with a fashion designer or in the culinary world would best serve you.



The Twins are basically two people, which is why you need a fast-paced environment that constantly stimulates your buzzing mind. You need a place that constantly changes and puts you in contact with tons of people. An internship at a high school or university, or in a newsroom, is a perfect fit.



The Crab is emotional and nurturing, and also has a knack for listening and multi-tasking. You give great advice and love to help people, in addition to being an excellent problem solver. No wonder you would excel in an internship involving social work or human resources.



The Lioness is fearless, charismatic, and ambitious AF. You thrive in the spotlight, and as the leader of the pack. Because you do better when you’re encouraged to lead rather than follow, an internship that involves the performing arts or is linked to an entrepreneur would work best for you.



Virgos are known perfectionists with a hardcore work ethic. You love to keep busy, and the more detail-oriented the work, the better. Because you like to over-analyze everything, you would do well in an editing internship at a publishing house or one that involves law enforcement, like the FBI.



Libras are charming, open-minded, and very easy to get along with. You really come alive when you’re surrounded by people, and you’re quick to cooperate and compromise with others. This is why you should go for an internship in nursing or sales.



Scorpios are intense, deep, and curious about life. You like to know what makes people tick, and you thrive on establishing emotional connections with those around you. Since you often think about life’s problems, an internship with a humanitarian rights group or one in psychology would benefit you.



Sags are constant explorers who like to be free and independent and not tied down by “material” things. You’re easygoing, sociable, and like being part of a team, which is why so many people like being around your energy. You would do well with an internship in travel or public relations.



The Mountain Goat needs constant challenges and successes to feel good. You are determined, persistent, and love being the boss. You’re also a rigid rule maker and super Type A, which is why an internship in the corporate world or one in the medical field would be your jam.



Aquarians have a curious and inquisitive mind, as well as a huge heart. Because you’re also quirky and a jack-of-all-trades, you prefer thinking outside of the box and having experiences that complement your adventurous nature. An internship in the humanitarian realm or the sciences would benefit your brilliant mind.



Pisces are old souls who are deeply creative and passionate. Your dreamy spirits means you’re intuitive, artistic, and imaginative. You love connecting to people because you’re so compassionate. An internship involving animals or one at an art gallery is something that would perfectly serve you.

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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