The Best Juices to Try This Spring

Quench your thirst and stay healthy

The juice trend is now sweeping the nation, and we’re talking about good specialty juice brands packed to the brim with health benefits that taste amazing.

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Here’s some of our favorite juice brands to try asap!


Evolution Fresh

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They have everything from your basic strawberry lemonade to protein packed smooth green and kale smoothies. Plus you don’t have to search very hard because they’re now for sale in every Starbucks!!


Raw Generation

If you’re looking for a juice cleanse this is it. Their goal is for you to “eat better, not less,” so you can expect a rocking line-up of filling, superfood packed, refreshing juices to get you through their six day program.

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Choose from 18 different flavors of juice or 4 levels of juice cleanses that vary in intensity. You can order online or find them in most grocery stores (ie. Wegman’s, Sprouts, Whole Foods, etc.)


Juice Press

They originally started in NYC, but have now spread to over 60 locations in surrounding states as well. They’ve got some insane flavors, even incorporating new crazes like charcoal into some of them! Somehow they always pull it together into a tasty drink that just leaves you feeling good.

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Pressed Juicery

They’ve got several locations across the country and in addition not only can you order from the website, but you can actually subscribe and receive anywhere from 12-60 juices each month!


Ginger Juice

Couldn’t not mention my favorite local juicery. It’s Richmond, VA’s first Cold Pressed juicery, so be sure to check it out if you’re in the area.


The Raw Juice Co. 

They’ve got some insanely delicious detoxes and are all about promoting self care. Located in Alberta, Canada, but they’ll ship anywhere!

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