Everything You Need to Have the Best Summer Pool Party Ever

Splish splash!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, the 4th of July, or just a gorgeous summer day — a pool party is ALWAYS a good idea. Just ask Taylor Swift.  That’s why we wanted to — ahem — pool together all the essential and fun items you’ll want to gather up before your friends start lining up at your door with their beach towels in tow.

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To be the hostess with the mostest, here’s everything you need for your pool party to make a huge splash!


1. Unicorn Floaty

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What’s a pool party without a giant fun floaty? Make your pool celebration — not to mention Instagram and Snaps — even more magical with the addition of a unicorn floaty. Get Floaty, $99.


2. Speakers

What’s a pool party without music? You’ll need some fun jams to energize your guests, which is why a portable speaker system that’s water resistant is super necessary. Hook it up to your smartphone and you’re good to splish splash and dance away! Miccus Pool Party SPX9, $29.99.


3. Inflatable Cooler

You’ll def need to keep your cold drinks cool under the hot sun. An adorable palm tree inflatable cooler like this one will not only keep them fresh, but it will also keep your bevs handy while you’re having fun in the pool. Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler, $18. 


4. Cute Beach Towels

You’ll need extra towels for guests, so why not choose some super cute ones? You know you’ll be Snapping them anyway. Grab a ‘gramable towel like this one from Ban.do for $38.


5. Drink Dispenser

Stay ultra hydrated with this huge drink dispenser. Fill it with your fave homemade pink lemonade or H2o infused with some cucumber and lemon. We love this pineapple version from Urban Outfitters, $18.


6. Sunnies

It almost goes without saying that a pair of sunnies are super necessary for pool parties. You need ’em to protect your peepers — and for those epic Instagram pics, of course. Have a few on hand just in case your friends forget theirs. These oversized round ones from Forever 21 for $6 are both trendy and affordable.


7. Party Lanterns

When the sun goes down, there’s no reason for the partying to stop. Light up your pool area, while adding some flair, with unique party lanterns like these Flamingo String Lights from Party Lights, $16.


8. Colorful Sunscreen

We all know how super important sunscreen is, so you want to make sure you have some on hand for your guests. Make it fun with Zinka’s Colored Sunblock, which comes in fun blue, green and pink colors. Amazon, $7.


9. Fun Ice Tray

Dress up your fave cool beverage with some super cute ice cubes. We literally “heart” these ones from Amazon for $6.


10. Decorative Paper Plates

Everyone knows swimming makes you hungry. So you’ll definitely want to have a bunch of snacks for your guests after your long day in the pool. Serve ’em up on some fun paper plates that go perf with your theme. Zazzle.com has a bunch to choose from, like this flamingo pattern, $2 per plate.