The Definitive List Of Harry Styles Look-alikes

they've all won the genetic lottery

Many celebrities have a look-alike that makes the entire interweb freak out every time a side by side comparison surfaces.

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But Harry Styles has not one, or two, but a ridiculous number of look-alikes. So here’s a list of the best ones.


Jacob Skelton, who looks so much like Harry that he literally gets stopped on the street. “People always ask for pictures with me on the street, and on Twitter I’ve got a lot marriage proposals,” he told E News.

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From the closed mouth grin to slicked back hair, this guy’s got Harry Styles’ look down to a tee.


This newbie surfer who totally tricked this surf school into thinking he was Harry Styles.


This girl who could literally be Harry’s twin.


This teen from Texas who probably has the nicest hair in his entire school (he’s the one on the right).


And finally…Mick Jagger. Yeah I did just add Mick Jagger to this list. THEY ARE LITERALLY THE SAME PERSON.

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