The Honest Phases of Yearbook Signing

Did we get it right?

1. It’s one week until school is out. Your love for your fellow classmates is deep and real. You even love your nemesis, Nancy, who makes passive-aggressive comments about how you can’t pull off overalls. HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE WITHOUT SEEING THESE KIDS ALL SUMMER!?

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2. You’re given your first yearbook to sign. You write a poignant yet witty look at your friendship with Steve, who you’ve only ever had one class with.

The Honest Phases of Yearbook Singing: girls

3. You’re on your fifth yearbook. Your wit will not stop. You’re pretty sure you’re the next Amy Sherman-Palladino. Someone get me an agent!

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4. You start experiencing hand cramps. You realize you actually haven’t hand written anything since middle school.

5. Your brilliant brain is fading. You start making up inside jokes you’re not quite sure happened. Oh well.

6. You’re so so tired. Decide you deserve fries and mac and cheese at lunch for all your inspired work.

7. You immediately go into a food coma.

The Honest Phases of Yearbook Singing: Will Schuester: cat

7 a. But the signings must go on!

8. You start signing your name with just the first letter. Your handwriting turns to chicken scratch.

The Honest Phases of Yearbook Singing: I don't care

9. You see hot/hilarious/relatable Mr. L and know this is your chance for him to sign your book. You’re sure he will tell you you’re his favorite student and your future is so bright it blinded him every day in class.

The Honest Phases of Yearbook Singing: Will Schuester

10. He writes “Have a good summer, Lauren.” Your name is not Lauren.

11. You just don’t have any more left in you. You dream of being free for summer, tanning in Bora Bora with Mr. L.

12. Skratch Mr. L. He’s dead to you.

13. You officially don’t care if you ever see any of these kids again. Get me to summer.

13. Your BFF finally hands you her yearbook. You tell her you’ll do it later.

14. You get a second wind after watching 23 rerun episodes of Friends that night. You think about how your BFF is the most magical creature on this earth. You type out six drafts of the perfect yearbook letter to her.

The Honest Phases of Yearbook Singing: kermit

15. She distracts you with disgusting, yet amazing pimple pomping YouTube videos the next day. You forget to sign it.

16. 5 years go by. You have still yet to sign it. But you’re still BFFs…and majorly regret your crush on Mr. L.

The Honest Phases of Yearbook Singing: best friends

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