The Most Amazing Red Velvet Desserts

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Red velvet has got to be one of the best desserts out there. Whether you bake a traditional (or not so traditional) red velvet layer cake, or move into the breakfast territory with red velvet pancakes and french toast, you’ll set the mood for your taste buds. You and your palate will be in your own luscious world.

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1. Not Your Classic Red Velvet Cake

This red velvet cake is a bit more dramatic than your traditional red with cream cheese icing. There’s a whole cup of hot coffee in the mix! The first step of assembly is to crumble a layer of cake to use for decoration on top. You can easily turn this recipe into a cupcake version as well.

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The Most Amazing Red Velvet Desserts; red-velvet-cake

Source: Jo Cooks


2. Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

The texture of these cookies is the perfect combo of soft and crisp. Pair one or a couple with a nice mug of hot cocoa. The powdered sugar on top gives them extra sweetness. Plus, they look so pretty.

The Most Amazing Red Velvet Desserts; red-velvet-crinkle-cookies

Source: Cooking Classy


3. Red Velvet Cheesecake Ice Cream

This ice cream is no joke. You add actual crumbled red velvet cake into the mix. You will need an ice cream maker but you’ll get your money’s worth when you make this ice cream again and again. There are some good options that aren’t too costly. It’s amazing on its own or you can take it to another level with some chocolate sauce on top.

The Most Amazing Red Velvet Desserts; red-velvet-ice-cream

Source: Joy the Baker


4. Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

Red velvet and cheesecake is like peanut butter and jelly. It’s undeniably delicious and never gets old. These brownies will really hit the spot. Very little flour is used so that the texture is super luxurious and dense. We won’t judge you if you eat them for breakfast.

The Most Amazing Red Velvet Desserts; red-velvet-cheesecake-brownies

Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction


5. Red Velvet Pancakes

These breakfast pancakes are made for a celebration. Make these and it will surely be a morning to remember. The cream cheese glaze complements these fluffy cakes. Top with fresh raspberries or dark chocolate chips. Maple syrup is optional. If you want to go all out, throw a scoop of your red velvet ice cream on top. Now that’s why you should always keep a tub in the freezer.

The Most Amazing Red Velvet Desserts; red-velvet-pancakes

Source: Cooking Classy


6. Overnight Oatmeal

This overnight oatmeal recipe is a healthier take on red velvet. The red color comes from grated beets but you would never know it! There’s a little bit of apple cider vinegar in the oat mix which is great for digestion. Banana and maple syrup sweeten it up. Mix in some chocolate chips or drizzle chocolate on top. This is how you healthfully indulge.

The Most Amazing Red Velvet Desserts; red-velvet-overnight-oatmeal

Source: Catching Seeds


7. Red Velvet French Toast

French toast is the king of breakfast foods. Red food coloring actually gives this toast its cherry color while cocoa powder and buttermilk provides the flavor. Use vanilla bean and fresh raspberries for the creamy filling. Then, top with nutella and powdered sugar. OMG.

The Most Amazing Red Velvet Desserts; red-velvet-french-toast

Source: Cafe Delites