The Official Roundup Of All Things Unicorn

Pure magic

We thought unicorns were having a moment, but that moment is lasting a lot longer than we anticipated. Rainbows, sparkles, and unicorn magic improve everything its hooves touch. These are some of our favorite unicorn products to hit the market.

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Insta-famous Unicorn Frapp

Nothing blew up our Instagram feeds quite like the weekend of the unicorn frappuccino. Many other mythical creature-themed frappucinos followed after, but not even the mermaid frap could make as big of a splash as the unicorn.

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Unicorn Manicure

They might not be the most practical nails, but they’re so cute and Instagrammable.


Unicorn Makeup

There was the unicorn highlighter, then the unicorn body glitter, and even Tarte created a limited-edition unicorn themed eye and cheek palette.


…And Makeup Brushes

These makeup brushes with their rainbow bristles and horn handles are almost too perfect to use.


Unicorn Hair 
Top off your unicorn transformation with a unicorn ‘do! Congratulations, you’re an honorary unicorn.

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Sydney Pugh
Sydney Pugh

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