We Asked Our Readers to Describe the World They Want to Live In

And the answers blew us away

We can all agree that the Las Vegas shooting was horribly tragic, upsetting, and depressing. We all want to make sure nothing like it ever happens again. The first step? Imagining a better world — and then fighting like hell to make it a reality.

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We asked our readers to describe the world they want to live in, and the responses blew us away. Y’all are amazing.

Keep scrolling to see what the world would look like if ATV readers were in charge.

“I wish I could change violence into a mythical thing that simply doesn’t exist.”

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— @Lalalalorin

“I would help LGBTQ+ homeless youth.”

— @Astroselisabet

“I would love for the world to change and bring peace, no more famine, no more war, no more homeless, and no more hate.”

— @reinthesp00ky

I wish there was no drama in the world. No mass shootings. No people dying for their beliefs or color of their skin. No hate. Just love.”

— @Kraykray4484

“A world with peace and no people who bully or judge, and where everyone respects each other.”

— @Bellaenglish04

A world where everyone matters and women are not termed as weak creatures.”

— @Fabchaosxo

We are all understanding of each other’s different beliefs, opinions, and backgrounds.”

— @Victoriac17

A world with no negative vibes only positive vibes.”

— @__i.s.a.b.e.l___

“A world where everybody loves each other & themselves.”

— @Kikimoss12

“A happy world with acceptance and tolerance of all kinds of people.”

— @Michele.luo

“A world where everybody is happy and everyone gets all basic rights.”

— @Devin_wash

I wish that the las vegas shooting never happened.”

— @shaniajuanacio

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Stephanie Hallett
Stephanie Hallett

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