9 Things Only Older Sisters Will Understand

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It can be oh-so-trying to be an older sister at times, but at the end of the day you know being the oldest is the best spot and you never would have made this far without your younger sibs. Quite literally.

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But it’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. Despite the perks, here are a few things you know to be true (and *ahem* unjust) if you’re the oldest sister.


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Your High School Teachers Always Call You By Your Younger Sibling’s Name.

You came first, you deserve to be more well-known.

Your Clothes Seem to Vanish Into Thin Air.

Perhaps they just walk out of your closet on their own, or maybe mom went on a donating spree. Or perhaps they just wanted to make a cameo in your sister’s Instagram… wait a sec. Thinking Face on Apple

You Get To Do Things First (meaning be the family guinea pig!)

If I had a dollar for every summer camp, workshop, sports team, art class, leadership training seminar, science program, summer writing intensive, defensive driving course, etc. that I attended and that consequently my sisters did not have to suffer through, I could’ve probably bought my own Caribbean island and run away to avoid these painful experiences in the first place.

They Get To Do Stuff at a Younger Age.

You might’ve gotten a cell phone first, but they got one at a much younger age. Whatever happened to fairness and equality? My mom made me wait until I was 13 to watch PG-13 movies. The younger ones? Not so much.



You Have to Deal With Outrageously High Expectations.

Learning to ride a bike first, figuring out shoes with laces, getting good grades, talking to adults, going to college, getting a job, it continues — and you’re expected to do it well so that all the younger kids can learn from you! With no siblings there to help you out. Bushwhacking through undiscovered territory to forge a path for them to follow! That’s a lot, lemme tell you.

Meanwhile, The Younger Ones Get Away With Everythingggg.

It’s not just that everyone has high expectations for the older ones, getting the benefit of the doubt only exists if you’re the younger sibling. Regardless of your actions, if the younger one says you did it, you did it. End of story. Fear mom’s wrath.



You’re Expected To Be The ~Mature~ One.

It’s just a lot. Resolving conflicts, taking the higher road, it really wears you down. “You’re the older one,” might be a bigger non-explanation than “because I said so.”



You’ve Heard the Phrase “Copying Is Just A Form Of Flattery” Way Too Many Times.

Nope. No, not a thing. Nuh-uh. No way. Not buying it. I’m not flattered when they copy my outfits, nor is it enjoyable when they repeat things I say right back to me.



Most Importantly: You’ll Always Have Their Backs.

You’ll always be there for them, and they’ll be there for you. And God forbid anyone tries to rain on their parade, they can expect the entire force of the Spanish Armada to come after them. Not in my house.