Killer Beach Towels You Need This Summer

See you in paradise

Killer Beach Towels You Need This Summer


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We’re finally in the heat of summer, which means if you’re not all about the beach life rn, I don’t wanna know you (kidding…kinda).

For real though, it’s finally time to just chill knee deep in the water somewhere with your squad catching rays for days. Exceptttt, one problem. You forgot your enormous flamingo floaty at home!! *gasp* Lay out directly on the sand? Yeah, no thank you. Luckily, we got you covered.

Lounge on the beach in style with these super cute, hella trendy, killer beach towels.

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Ban.Do Circle Towels 

Gorgeous watermelons, sunny stripes and more! What are you waiting for? Snatch one of these up asap, right here. They work perfectly for both tanning and drying off, but clearly the best part of the package is the photo ops you don’t want to miss.


Tommy Towels

A chic, timeless classic, this never goes out of style. Might be a towel. Could be a blanket. All I know for sure is I want it now. Check it out right here.

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PLAJ Towels

If you’re more the “I prefer to air dry” type and just need a little something to protect you from the sand, then this is for you. We all know sand can truly be the worst – you find it for days in places you never thought sand could go (TMI? Nah, we’ve all been there). Do yourself a favor and check out this lovely beach blanket here.


Ban.Do Hot Tub Club 

This is for those of you looking for a more steamy summer option and also those relaxed summer vibes. Check out the “I am Fun” towel here too! PUH-lease, you don’t have to tell us twice!

now accepting new members. 📸: @karissanickish

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Vagabond Beach Gypsy Round Towel

Still haven’t gotten your fill of beach towel inspo? Look no further. Check out this gypsy round towel here. Perfect for days spent lounging with bae on your yacht…or also just hangin’ with whoever in the vicinity of water. Might be a bit more reasonable. Get you a towel that can do both.


The Necessary Donut Towel

And lastly, what would a day by the pool be without something donut themed?! Hence, we bring you *drum roll please* THE Donut Towel. If you have just completely fallen in love with this towel (it truly speaks to the soul), then be sure to check it out right here.


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