8 TV Actors We’re Totally Crushing On Right Now

*Cue The Heart-Eye Emojis*

There are so many shows that we’re guilty of binge-watching right now – from Teen Wolf to Riverdale to The Flash…and so much more. They have us totally glued to our TV screens each week. Oh, and the swoon-worthy actors in the shows don’t hurt either…

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Here are eight TV actors that we’re totally crushing on right now:

1. Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse is one actor we’ve been crushing on since day 1. #TBT to those Suite Life of Zack and Cody days – we’ve been in love with him ever since then. Now that this phenomenal actor stars in the hit show, Riverdale, we’re so happy that we’ve been getting to see a lot more of Cole Sprouse and his incredibly handsome self on our TV screens.

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2. KJ Apa

It’s pretty obvious why we love watching Riverdale – this show stars some of the most talented actors and actresses we know. Another actor we’re crushing on right now is KJ Apa, who stars as Archie Andrews in Riverdale. He’s an excellent actor and he has the cutest New Zealand accent – we can’t help but gush over it every time we hear him talk.


3. Dylan Minnette

13 Reasons Why is a show that has definitely touched the lives of many. It’s so impactful and it focuses on some extremely important social issues that are prevalent today. The show is on Netflix and we totally have our eye on the lead star, Dylan Minnette, who plays the role of Clay Jensen in the show. He is so dreamy!

Strap on those helmets kids; 13 Reasons Why is now streaming on Netflix. – Helmet

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4. Dylan O’Brien

We totally think that heart-throb Dylan O’Brien is everyone’s celebrity crush. We fell head over heels for him ever since we saw him in Teen Wolf. He has one of the greatest personalities and is always so sweet to fans and everyone that he works with. We have so many heart-eye emojis for him!

ALL ABOARD! Stiles makes his return to #TeenWolf on Tuesday! 💥

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5. Grant Gustin

Every time we watch The CW’s hit show, The Flash, we constantly convince ourselves that we’re going to find a superhero boyfriend one day – it’s going to happen, and can it please be Grant Gustin?! Grant Gustin has the cutest smile that leaves us on Cloud 9 every time we see it. He’s such an incredible actor and he has been a part of so many of our favorite shows in addition to working on The Flash.


6. Burkely Duffield

Freeform‘s show, Beyond, is one show that we’re hooked on. Plus, we love having some major eye-candy in the show with Burkely Duffield starring as the lead character named Holden. Prior to working on Beyond, Burkely Duffield starred in Nickelodeon’s House of Anubis.

Our handsome #MCM – the one and only @bduffield.✨ #Beyond

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7. Keegan Allen

We have to admit that we have a crush on every single one of the guys in Pretty Little Liars. Keegan Allen definitely holds a special place in our hearts and we wonder what will happen in this finale season of PLL.


8. Dom Sherwood

Ever since Shadowhunters made its way on over to our TV screens, we have been nothing short of obsessed. Dom Sherwood, who plays the role of Jace Wayland on the show, is definitely our #MCM every single day.

Jace #shadowhunters #season2 @shadowhunterstv @freeform

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