10 Sets of Twins That Define #TwinGoals

Niki and Gabi, The Merrell Twins, and More

We’re seeing double! There are so many sets of twins that are literal #TwinGoals and make us wish we had a twin, aka a built-in BFF. Here are just a few of our faves.

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1. Dylan and Cole Sprouse

One of our OG all-time favorite twins definitely has to be Dylan and Cole Sprouse. #Throwback to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody days when our love for these two first began. We still can’t help but swoon over the Sprouse bros.

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2. Niki and Gabi

Our baes that slay all day, every day – we can’t even put into words just how much we adore Niki and Gabi. They’re incredible YouTubers, fantastic singers and total fashionistas. What’s not to love about Niki and Gabi?!


3. Merrell Twins

Vanessa and Veronica Merrell are two of the sweetest, young ladies on this planet. Their smiles can always brighten up our day. They’re always so joyful and positive. These marvelous ladies are such excellent role models to all of their fans and we absolutely love them.


4. Ethan and Grayson Dolan

Two incredibly hot twins means double the eye-candy! It’s safe to say we are always on Cloud 9 every time we see Ethan and Grayson Dolan – whether it’s watching their awesome YouTube videos or seeing their Instagram posts. Our hearts definitely beat a whole lot faster for these twins.

lookin like twins again

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5. Brooklyn and Bailey

Brooklyn and Bailey are seriously so adorable! Their YouTube videos are always so fun and enjoyable to watch. They’re two of the most down-to-earth and genuine girls and we certainly can never get enough of these two, terrific twins.

@lukefontana ❤️❤️

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6. Austin and Aaron Rhodes

Austin and Aaron Rhodes are definitely on our list of favorite twins. There are an endless amount of things that we love about these YouTube sensations. We can spend hours upon hours watching their YouTube videos and we love how they always inspire their fans on a daily basis.


7. Ivan and Emilio Martinez

Can we just take a moment to appreciate these two swoon-worthy heartthrobs? Team 10 members Ivan and Emilio Martinez are twins we are obsessing over, and could you blame us?! They’re oh, so handsome and they love connecting with all of their fans through their social media networks.

When you are taking pictures but you see a girl at the same time lol

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8. Finn and Jack Harries

Okay, okay, we’re sorry for fangirling, but Finn and Jack Harries totally win over our hearts. We love how dedicated Finn and Jack are to helping make this world a better place by using their platform to raise awareness around important issues and spread positivity. We can never stop gushing over these two.


9. Nina and Randa

Our girls Nina and Randa are so fabulous! They can always put a smile on our face with their extraordinary videos and they’re definitely our fashion and fitness inspos.


10. Lisa and Lena

We have so much love for our Musical.ly babes Lisa and Lena. Their Musical.ly posts are always on point and they always know how to have fun with whatever they do!

Don't forget to smile! love u! 💓

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