Your Weekly Horoscope: Twists and Turns Up Ahead

Hold on tight

Weekly Horoscope: Twists and Turns Up Ahead


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Jupiter moves from super balanced Libra to passionate Scorpio on the 10th, where it will stay until November 2018. What does this mean?

Expect tons of liberation, romance, and coming clean with alllll of your secrets. The gist? Scorpio wants you to reveal your truth for the next 13 months (no matter how scary it is). Advice: take a deep breath, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride.


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You’re feeling an array of feels right now, Libra. On one hand, you want to enjoy the remainder of your birthday month (meaning parties, shopping, and general splurging). On the other, once Jupiter leaves your sign this week, you’ll want to get practical, and, well, sensible. Shall we suggest a little bit from column A and column B?



It might not be your bday *yet,* but once Jupiter swings into your sign on the 10th, Scorpio, you’ll be all about living your best life. In fact, don’t be surprised if your world does a complete 180. Tons of opportunities and new adventures could be heading your way — so say YES to them all!



When your ruling planet Jupiter moves into Scorpio this week, Sag, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling some major wanderlust. In fact, you might be wanting to try something completely different, like studying abroad for a semester or moving to a new country for a “gap year.” Before you make big decisions, remember to get grounded.



Your loneliness ain’t killin’ you no more this week, Cappy. Thanks to Jupiter moving into Scorpio, your usual lone-wolf self will be surrounded by a ton of people, which will last for the next year. Use this opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people, reach out to VIPs, and flirt with that cutie. You need work AND play, right?



Your professional life is about to kick into high gear this week, Aquarius. You might find yourself saying no to social events (which will probably give you major FOMO) but if you can remain focused on your goals, then skipping a house party or two won’t seem toooo bad. It’ll be worth it in the end.



Once the 10th hits, Pisces, you’re all about connecting with others and being seen. You’ve been doing your own thing for a while, but now you’re itching for some serious company and some seriously fun and new adventures. Take a risk and see where you land. You won’t regret it.



Your love life is about to get super sizzling this week, Aries. However, even single Aries want to keep their cool — meaning you’re all about playing for keeps. You’re tired of games, and if you’ve been single for *this,* long then you want it to be worth the wait. Coupled-up Aries will enter the next relationship level. A Halloween couples costume, perhaps?



Love’s about to get serious for you, Taurus. Once Jupiter lands in Scorpio (and your partnership house) on the 10th, you’ll find that you definitely have love on the brain for the next year. Expect relationships of all kinds to be super important to you this week, and for the next 13 months.



You want to celebrate you this week, Gemini, which means indulging in some self-care. Whether it’s trying out a new BarreSculpt class or downing more smoothies — or both — you’re focused on honoring your body, which, in turn, will only increase your energy. And as a Gemini, you NEED all the stamina you can get.



You’re about to come out of your shell, Cancer. You’ll definitely be feeling yourself this week, and you want everyone to know it. Maybe you’ll get a fresh haircut or try out a sassy new pair of heels — whatever it is, you’ll be flaunting your fine self, which is sure to attract an admirer or two.



The cosmos want to remind you this week that you are never truly stuck, Leo. You always have the power to change your situation, no matter what. If you want to switch out of your major, consult your guidance counselor. If you feel like you want to move to Paris, do some research en français. You’ll be on your way in no time!



Whoa, new Virgo, who dis? You’re the new social butterfly on the block, which is catching everyone off guard. But you prefer taking action, and if you want to try something new — including finding a new squad and/or hobby — you’re going to do it. Don’t be surprised if your new mingling leads to a new romance!