You Can Now Unsend an Email in Gmail

A godsend for when you accidentally fire off a major typo

You Can Now Unsend an Email in Gmail


Have you ever sent a super important email but forgotten to attach the promised attachment?

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Or hit send and then suddenly noticed you spelled “exit” as “exists,” and now your email has taken quite the existential turn?

Or worst of all, sat down to compose an angry email to blow off some steam, meaning to send it to your BFF but sending it to the co-worker you’re annoyed with instead? Major yikes.

It happens to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean it has to keep happening; there’s now a way to unsend emails in Gmail. No, not a silly recall function that notifies the person, making everything worse.

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You can now 100 percent unsend your email.

But first, you must enable the “unsend function” in your Gmail. Here’s how:

1. Open up your Gmail. Click “Settings” in the top right corner drop-down menu. 


2. Find the “Enable Undo Send” box and check it. 

Now, this is where it gets cool. When you enable the “Undo Send” function, you’re actually putting a delay on the send of your email.

You can choose how many seconds you’d like the email to wait before it’s officially sent. We would recommend the 30-second option; 10 seconds just isn’t quite enough time for the proofread/panic attack to set in.

3. Next to the Enable Undo Send box, there’s a drop-down menu. Select your preferred number of delayed seconds. 

4. And of course, don’t forget to save your changes! Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click save.

Now, the fun part. Let’s use the example of when a co-worker of mine was making fun of my home state. I was so furious, I impulsively wrote an email to my best friend calling my co-worker an idiot.

My fingers were typing lightning fast because, hello, I was in rage mode. I clicked send without thinking, and the moment after I did this, I knew I had sent it not to my dear friend Aly, but to my co-worker. It looked something like this:


The email’s officially sent. What should I do now?

Now that you’ve enabled your Unsend function, every time you send an email, an “Undo” prompt will pop up on your screen. Like this:

Simply click the “Undo” prompt and your email will not be sent. Voila! Easy as pie. Just remember though, you only have 30 seconds to click “Undo” (or the allotted time you’ve chosen).

If your internship/school/job uses Outlook, there’s no way to add a delay to the send. You can, however, recall an email. This does not guarantee that the recipient hasn’t opened it, though.

To recall the email:

1. Go to your sent emails, and double-click the email you want to recall. 

2. Click the “Actions” button and select “Recall This Email.”

3. You will now have two options: “Delete unread copies of this message” or “Delete unread copies and replace with a new message.” 

To help with your anxiety, we also suggest checking the “Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient” option.

There you have it! Never send an error-ridden email again.

Skylar Harrison
Skylar Harrison

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