Vegan Recipes You Wouldn’t Know Are Vegan

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For many, the thought of going vegan is enough to send them running for the hills (or the local burger joint). Giving up meat is one thing, but giving up dairy and eggs at the same time (no more ice cream!) is asking a lot. Does eating vegan mean no more protein and eating nothing but mushy tofu and vegetables with names you can’t pronounce? Absolutely not. This apocalyptic version of veganism is far from reality. Whether you decide to say goodbye to meat, eggs, and dairy for good or not, these 5 recipes prove that you can eat vegan and still keep all the flavors and spices you love. They may taste a little different than what you are used to, but their hearty deliciousness will leave you sated and content.

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1. Pesto Soup with Gnocci, Beans, and Greens

Who said you had to give up creamy pasta dishes when you became a vegan? This delicious, nearly fat free soup uses a puréed cauliflower and basil base to create a solid dose of creamy yumminess. Add in dense white beans for some protein and crunchy greens to keep things healthy, and then pour it on top a plate of satisfying gnocchi and you have a warm, rich, velvety meal. Plus, the soup base makes a wonderful pasta sauce so you can pick your favorite type of pasta and have some yummy leftovers with a slightly different twist.

See the full recipe here.

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Vegan Recipes You Wouldn't Know Are Vegan: pesto soup

Source: Isa Chandra

2. Roasty Soba Bowl With Miso Tahini

Nutrient packed “bowls” are a staple of the vegan diet, and this recipe is a classic vegan bowl, featuring a starch, protein, veggie, and sauce, with an Asian twist. Happily, going vegan does not mean leaving Asian-inspired noodles behind and, in this recipe, buckwheat soba noodles serve as a flavorful base. Lightly browned cauliflower keeps things healthy and crunchy, brown lentils serve as simple and satisfying delicious protein, and the miso tahini sauce is a wonderful source of complex flavor. This full-bodied combination of flavors will make you forget all about meat and dairy.

See the full recipe here.

Vegan Recipes You Wouldn't Know Are Vegan: soba bowl

Source: Isa Chandra

3. Cauliflower Fried Rice

Just to clear things up, rice when prepared plain, is vegan. That said, cauliflower rice is healthier and some might even argue yummier. Now at this point you are probably thinking, slow down, rice made out of a vegetable is taking things too far. Just one bite of this dish and your carb cravings will hit the road. This super healthy take on your traditional fried rice pairs crispy (but not fried) tofu with crunchy vegetables, all stir fried together in a simple, powerful combination of spices. Cauliflower rice absorbs flavors just like regular rice and the combination of creamy coconut milk, salty tamari sauce, and spicy Sriracha sauce hits the mark. This recipe feels like comfort food, without the guilt.

See the full recipe here.

Vegan Recipes You Wouldn't Know Are Vegan: cauliflower fried rice

Source: Anjali

4. Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger

One of the most challenging things for meat eaters to give up is the good old fashioned hamburger. And while it’s true that veggies and starches can’t completely replicate this classic American delicacy, this burger comes pretty darn close. Tender on the inside but firm on the outside, and made using 10 easy ingredients, this burger recipie is simple, flavorful, and perfect for a summer BBQ. The burger is hearty, made from a base of rice, beans, sweet potatoes, and veggies that give it a subtly smoky, savory taste which balances perfectly with its natural sweetness. No fuss, no muss. It may not be a “real” burger, BUT it is darn satisfying!

See full recipe here.

Vegan Recipes You Wouldn't Know Are Vegan: veggie burger

Source: Dana

5. Quick Chana Masala

Indian food is wonderful, but it is often loaded with meat, butter, or a combination of the two. So what is a vegan to do? The only solution is to simply make the food yourself. While Indian cooking can be complicated, with recipes often calling for a long list of unfamiliar spices, this recipe is simple, approachable, and shouldn’t take you more than 40 minutes. The hearty, aromatic stew features flavor rich tomatoes, soft chickpeas, fried cumin, onions, ginger, and chilies — a combination sure to satiate any Indian food cravings. Served over brown rice (or maybe Cauliflower rice), you have a meal that will not disappoint.

See full recipe here.

Vegan Recipes You Wouldn't Know Are Vegan: chana masala

Source: Kate