10 Reasons Why We’re So Excited t@gged Season 2 Is Finally Here

We literally have no chill

I’m starting to believe the phrase “shook” was literally created for t@gged. That finale? It. left. us. SHOOK. And the fact that we had to wait months and months for a new season after that Monkeyman tease?! Well, that was pure torture. But we’ve made it. Season 2 of T@gged is finally here. To get y’all even more excited (if that’s even possible), here are ten reasons why we are so excited about this new season.

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*(PS: there are baby spoilers in here if you have not seen season 1)*

1. We thought Monkeyman was dead, so what does this tag mean!?

Here’s a little refresher on how the season 1 finale ended. We’re so confused. Eric can’t be alive, so did he pass his account onto someone? What is up!?

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2. This season will be sexier and scarier.

Take it from the writer/director, Hannah Macpherson, herself:

3. Hailey and Sean’s relationship is far from over.

T@gged’s Instagram gave us a sneak peek of what’s to come for Hailey and Sean. Half naked in a pool?! We have got to know what is up with their relationship.

Monkeying around. #taggedshow

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4. Sean’s a suspect?!

What?? How!? We need answers!

Whose side do you think Sean will be on? #taggedshow

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4. Claudia Sulewski is just getting going. 

We have a feeling Claudia will have a much bigger role this season, and this girl–although new to the acting scene–has some serious acting chops.


5. We need to know if Elisia and Ash will make it.

From this Instagram post, we’re not so sure….Who is this Zoe chick?

Meet Zoe. #taggedshow

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6. The new faces.

So many new cast members. We can’t wait to see how they will be worked into the original cast.

There's a new hacker in town. Meet Stinger. #taggedshow

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He's here to teach a lesson or two. Meet Hawk. #taggedshow

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Never trust a stranger. Meet Zoe. #taggedshow

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Happy Birthday Braeden! ❤️ #taggedshow

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7. We need to know who’s behind The Zoo. 

There’s so many of them. Who are they?


8. What will Jake and Rowan do now?

Considering it’s illegal for these two to date, it’s clear they can’t be together. But will they follow the rules? This fence seems to indicate so…


10. All the cast posts.

This cast is da best. Their love for the show is infectious through all their behind-the-scenes posts. And we just eat em all up. Keep posting you beautiful, talented people.

On a scale from 1-10 how much do you want to hang with these guys? #taggedshow

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Season 2 of t@gged premieres May 9th on go90. Be sure to follow @taggedshow on Instagram and Twitter for behind-the-scenes looks, sneak peeks, and announcements.

t@gged follows a group of friends who are being targeted by an anonymous source (Monkeyman) through cryptic and violent video messages. A teen drama meets at-the-edge-of-your-seat-thriller, t@gged explores the dangers of social media in a world of anonymity. Season 2 picks up with the girls hoping they have forever said goodbye to Monkeyman only to realize they have unleashed The Zoo, a whole world of dangerous and revengeful enemies hiding behind their screens as different animals. With excellent writing and a killer female-driven cast (Lia Marie Johnson, Lulu Antariksa, Katelyn Nacon), you’ll breeze through the first season in a few days. Catch up on go90 here.

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