Weekly Horoscope: July 23 – July 29, 2017

RAWR! We're in Leo season now

We’re officially in Leo season now. Which means your mantra this week is, “I am woman! Hear me roar!” #GetIt!

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Happy birthday girl! You’re #blessed with not one, but two (!) New Moons in your sign this month. The first one on July 23rd, and the second on August 21. This is a special time in your life, Lioness, so it’s time to act like the queen you are. Take initiative and make sure to show up in your life — because it’s about to get soooo good.

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You’re longing for an escape this week, Virgo. Schedule a day trip with your squad, or maybe take a solo trip to the local beach. You might even be looking to escape from a certain someone. If your relationship has a run its course, don’t hesitate to tell that boy or girl, bye.



It’s time to have some fun, Libra! You’re definitely vibing with a few different social groups right now, so go ahead and spread your wings. However, you should be aware of red flags. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. And if something feels off? Then say, “No, thanks” and hang with a new crowd.



You’re feeling super ambitious this week, Scorpio. If you’ve been putting off certain projects, whether it’s cleaning up your room, creating a blog or tending to that watercolor painting, now is the time to get started. The New Moon on the 23rd could bring a new opportunity to light that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of!



You’re feeling a little lonely this week, Sag. Remember that it’s totally okay to take a break from people and take a breather sometimes, especially if you’ve been suffering from a major case of FOMO lately. Lay low for now — things will get busy again for you next week.



Your love life is about to heat up this week, Capricorn. If you’re single, expect a new summer crush to sweep you off your feet — and possibly last into the fall. If you’re coupled up, you and your bae are getting closer than ever. Try to enjoy every moment, Cappy, which means shutting off your head and listening to your heart.



You’re feeling allllll the feelings this week, Aquarius. You’re wanting to connect super deeply with everyone in your life, from friends to family to bae. Single Aquarius could find themselves meeting a sizzling summer fling that has the potential to turn into a real thing.



Your mantra this week, Pisces? Do YOU. Right now, you’re majorly caught up in FOMO and other people’s dramz, which means you’re leaving little time and energy for yourself. No bueno. Don’t let other people distract you from doing your thang. At the end of the day, you gotta love YOU.



It’s time to get your flirt on, Aries, because you’re making every head turn this week. You def have the potential to attract a new summer crush, however it’s important to remember that what you want and what you need are two very different things. Whichever you choose, own your decision.



You’re feeling like flying solo this week, Taurus, and doing your thing. This could mean chilling out with Netflix and AC, or tackling a home project like redecorating your bedroom. This is the perf time to take your time and relax. You’ll be thankful for the rest!



Is the weather hot outside or is just you, Gemini? Because no one can resist your charms this week. You’re attracting a number of a new baes. You’re all about enjoying yourself, so if you’re not into committing (it’s still the summer, after all), let them know and let the best bae win.



It’s crucial that you’re honest with yourself this week, Cancer. If you’re getting iffy vibes about a new bae or BFF, then it’s important to trust your gut and act on it. Remember: it’s not up to you to fix someone. You do you, and the rest will work out. Promise.

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