Weekly Horoscope: April 30 to May 6, 2017

Mercury Retrograde is finally over

With Mercury Retrograde finally ending its run on May 3, the signs can all breathe a big sigh of relief. This week is all about healing old wounds and moving forward — like the bada*s unicorns we are!

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We’re in the height of Taurus season this week, birthday girl, so this is a huuuuuge time for you. All the feelings you’ve been trying to ignore are begging for your attention. It’s time to get real with yourself. Unplug from your phone and get still. Don’t make any bold moves until after Mercury Retrograde.

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Now is your time to shine, Gemini. But first map out your course of action. Now isn’t the time to be impulsive. Ask the necessary questions and seek out support from your squad and mentors. Then, once Mercury Retrograde ends on May 3rd, get ready to take the stage — or YouTube channel — and show off what you got!



Are you a mind reader, Cancer? Well, you might not be, but it sure will feel like you are this week. You’ll feel like you can pick up on people’s energy or see things much clearer than those around you. It’s important to establish clear boundaries and keep yourself busy with your fave hobbies to find your chill.



You’re feeling hella stressed this week, Leo, but it’s all good. Really. That’s because setting your big goals into action will alleviate your anxiety. This might mean leaving your comfort zone and taking some bold risks. Yes, it might feel scary at first, but the reward will be allll soooo deliciously worth it!



You do the solo thing really well, Virgo, but the cosmos — and Cupid — are urging you to move out of your singlehood. Being open to a new bae and expressing your feelings can be scary, but remember: you will never be ready for something new. You might as well dive in! It’ll be fun AND you’ll love it, trust.



Life is soooooo good right now, Libra. Unfortunately, your awesome news is also bringing out some haters. Don’t let them spoil your good vibes. Resist taking on what they’re putting out there or acting out. Set up clear boundaries and continue being a good friend. And remember: it’s okay to be happy!



Refrain from veering into dramatic territory this week, Scorpio. Better to remind yourself that relationships have their ups and downs. Sometimes you’ll be super close with your besties, Snapping every 10 seconds, and sometimes you won’t. Same goes for bae. Go with the flow, and you’ll feel better.



It’s time to confront your fears, Sag. There are so many cool opportunities around you, including creative and romantic ones. All you have to do is say: YASSSS! Follow your instincts — start that blog! Say yes to a date with that new cutie! — and your bravery will be rewarded.



Is the glass half full or half empty? This is a reminder that errrythang in life is dependant on your ‘tude, Cappy. You can approach a disappointment as a failure or as a life lesson. You can see heartbreak as a devastating ending or a hopeful beginning. The choice is yours.



You gots to chill this week, Aquarius. You’re super impatient to make things happen right NOW — however the cosmos have other plans. It doesn’t mean it WON’T happen. But it’ll happen at the right time and when you’re in the right place to receive allll the goodness. The universe has your back. Trust.



It’s okay to catch feelings, Pisces (and if anyone is going to feel the feelings, it’s gonna be you). The lesson this week is not to run away from them, or distract yourself with Netflix binges and tons of pizza. Approach your feelings head on and remember that being sensitive is a strength and NOT a weakness.



The universe is pushing you to take action with your dreams this week, Aries. You’ve been holding on too tightly lately, waiting for the perfect moment. Remember — there is no such thing as “perfect.” You’re ready. The time is now. Well, actually, it’s after May 3rd when Mercury Retrograde ends. After that, it’s time.

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