Weekly Horoscope: April 9 – 15, 2017

The cosmos are doing major spring cleaning

The cosmos are doing some major spring cleaning this week. Venus is in retrograde until the 15th, while Mercury goes retro on April 9. Which means? Tons of relationship issues, including texts from former flames and friends. You’ve been warned.

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You’re feeling super creative this week, Aries. An old art project that you’ve put on the shelf could be resurrected in a whole new way, which will re-inspire your artistic side. Don’t disregard your need for expression — it could help you land a dream job or internship, and impress some major VIPs.

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Oh, Taurus. With all these planets in retrograde, you seriously need a break. Your world is spinning, thanks to tons of relationship dramz, including (mis)communication issues. This is a perf time to evaluate your recent actions and behavior, and, if you need to, apologize.



Your new bestie might not be who she seems, Gemini. It’s OK to feel an instant connection with a new soul mate, but it’s also OK to take your time getting to know someone. Share a movie night with your new friend — just be careful not to share too many secrets with her until you know she’s legit.



You might encounter some pushback this week, Cancer, but don’t let anyone bully you or dim your beautiful light. You’re a sensitive soul, however you are super powerful — probs more than you even realize. Embody your inner Queen and fight for who you are, and what you want.



You want to roam free this week, Leo. You’re dreaming of new scenery and new peeps, including new baes. Even if you can’t head to Coachella, it’s a good idea to sign up for new after-school activities or workshops. Keep in mind that Mercury retro might disrupt any transportation plans. Just take a breath. You’ll get there.



Your love life is heating up this week, Virgo. Though a bad boy could def catch your eye, you’re ultimately looking for a solid relationship — not a fling. If you have to wait to find your Prince Charming (or perf prom date), it’ll be worth it. Attached? You and bae could become “Instagram official” any day now.



The cosmos are asking you, Libra: What do you really want when it comes to love? You can def get any hottie you want, but a former flame could be the one who gets your attention this week. Just remember that Mercury retrograde warns of lovers’ quarrels — including rehashing old patterns — so be careful what you wish for.



Work, work, work. That’s allll you this week, Scorpio. Blowing off assignments for some fun with your besties isn’t going to happen. If you want to get a jump on finishing your homework sooner rather than later, then make sure you’re super organized and don’t be afraid to ask a teacher or tutor for some help.



You’re feeling super impatient this week, Sag. You’ve got big plans and goals, but unfortunately the cosmos aren’t ready to deliver the rewards to you just yet. It’s a good idea to pace yourself with baby steps — easy does it — and surround yourself with your supportive squad. Your day is coming. Promise.



You’re still in hibernation mode this week, Cappy, and there’s no real rush to socialize. Organize your bedroom, write in your journal, play some moody music. You’ll start to leave the house around the 19th. In the meantime, if you want to plan a slumber party with your pals, then go for it. You know it’ll be epic.



You’re experiencing some major FOMO this week, Aquarius. Fill your calendar with after-school activities, new gym classes, and weekend road trips. Just make sure you can honor your commitments because no one likes a flake. Also Mercury retrograde will make trouble when it comes to scheduling. Be flexible.



Venus is back in your sign this week, Pisces, which means allll your attention is on relationships right now. However, it’s not all hearts and chocolates. Venus is asking you what you really, really want in terms of friendships and romance. Once you’ve clarified this, be sure to communicate it. You deserve only the best!

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