Weekly Horoscope: August 20 – August 26, 2017

This week's solar eclipse is MAJOR

Weekly Horoscope: August 13 - August 19, 2017


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There’s so much happening in the sky right now, and we Earthlings are feeling allll of it. First up, Mercury Retrograde is begging us to deal with our past issues that we’ve conveniently forgotten. Ugh. And the solar (new moon) eclipse, on August 21 is bringing in major romance, creativity and passion. Get ready!



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Now that your birthday is almost over, Leo, you’re definitely ready to get serious. You’re focused on new goals and checking things off on your bucket list, including, LBH: fame. With the solar eclipse in your sign, it’s your time to shine even brighter. So brush off that blog or go full throttle with your IG.



Even though your birthday is around the corner, Virgo, you’re still super chill (as usual). Though things might appear to be at a standstill, trust that the stars are working behind the scenes in your favor. In the meantime, hang with your squad this week. You might even meet a new bae when you least expect it.



Everyone around you is dealing with dramz this week, Libra, and you are HATING it. You prefer to keep your life in balance, which is why it’s important for you to create healthy boundaries between you and your fam/friends. Remember: you don’t have to fix other people’s problems. It’s okay to focus on you.



You’ve been working hard all summer, Scorpio, and thanks to the upcoming solar eclipse, your work will finally be recognized by some super VIPs. Expect either a raise at work or your allowance, or a dream opportunity that aligns with your future career goals (a dazzling internship, maybe?). Take the time to celebrate you!



You’ve been stuck in the past for a while now, Sag, but now the stars are urging you to move on and let go. It’s time to be free. Investigate your fears. Ask what you can learn from them and then seek peace. You will feel better in no time. Trust your future.



You’re feeling extra #blessed this week, Capricorn. Thanks to the solar eclipse, you could find yourself with some extra $$$ (thanks, Grandma!). You could use that cash for a spontaneous getaway because you’re feeling some major wanderlust. Get your girls and pack the car and head out for one last summer road trip!



Having trouble with bae? Well, this is the week to fix your relationship woes, Aquarius. Time to get honest with yourself and with your sweetie and get everything out in the open. From there, you could find yourself making up (and making out), or moving on. Either way, it will feel GOOD.



Whether you’ve been dealing with your younger sibs or moving across country for college, you’ve been feeling super stressed out lately, Pisces. It’s time to give yourself a breather this week by creating healthy boundaries and throwing out your to-do list. Just DO YOU.



You’ve been so busy lately, Aries, that you might have been ignoring some serious red flags from the people around you. If you’ve been feeling the cold shoulder from your bestie or tolerating passive aggression from your bae, now is the time to speak out. You deserve only #goodvibes. Know that.



Feeling a little lonely lately, Taurus? Worry no more because the stars have got your back. A legit romance heats up for you after the 22nd as the sun heads into Virgo, your super romantic fifth house. Be prepared to be swept off your feet by bae. Single? A girl’s night on the town could bring you a new crush. Yay!



Truth talk: you’re your own worst enemy, Gemini. The reason why you aren’t getting what you want is because you don’t think you can get it. Turn off your inner critic and start believing in the #girlboss that you are. If you finally embrace that you can and be HER, you will be!



Thanks to Mercury Retrograde, Cancer, you’re dealing with tons of confusion and disappointments. Ugh. Instead of getting mad or sad — a.k.a. reactive — choose to understand instead. Be willing to compromise and talk things out. See everything and everyone as a lesson. Things will turn around soon, promise.