Weekly Horoscope: August 6 – August 12, 2017

Leo RAWRS in like a lioness

Weekly Horoscope: August 6 - August 12, 2017


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Leo‘s blazing sun this month is making us all feel bold and brash like the bada*s #girlbosses we are.



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We get it, Leo. It’s all about you right now. But your eagerness to celebrate your birthday — basically, celebrate the greatness of you — might make others close to you feel a little left out. Don’t forget to boost the confidence of  your friends and celebrate their triumphs, too. Together, we are strong.



You’re holding back on something, Virgo. Maybe it’s going after that scholarship you’ve had your eye on since freshman year. Maybe it’s saying hi to the hottie at the ice cream shop who keeps giving you eyes. Silence your annoying inner critic and go after what you want. You deserve it.



You’re feeling as boss as Beyonce right now, Libra, which means now is the time for you to slay. Keep working on those projects because something amazing will come from them. Also, the stars are nudging your love life. Go out with that cutie who keeps sending you funny Snaps. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.



You’ve been in a funk lately, Scorpio. Though you like to keep your cool most of the time, something deep and heavy is lurking beneath the surface. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to FEEL. You know what else will help? Random acts of kindness. Volunteer at your local animal shelter and that will get you smiling in no time.



The stars are asking you to consider your future this week, Sag. August is a big month for you when it comes to seeing the bigger picture, so now is the time to ask yourself the big questions. Where do you want to go to college? What is your huge passion in life? It’s time to get real and honest with who YOU want to be.



You are a creature of habit, Cappy, but the stars are begging you to mix it up a bit. Skip the gym and try a new sport, like touch football or boxing instead. Instead of haunting the same Starbucks, venture to a new coffee shop. The change will not only boost your energy, but also introduce you to new friends.



You usually keep your opinions to yourself, Aquarius. Though no one loves confrontation and drama, sometimes NOT speaking up makes things way worse. You owe it to yourself to speak your mind. Don’t let other people’s opinions keep you silent. Let your truth be known.



You’ve been partying like a Kardashian/Jenner lately, Pisces, and now it looks like living your best life is costing you time and $$$. Now is the perf time to stay in and watch Netflix, tackle those chores that you’ve been neglecting, and get some R&R. You’ll feel much better that you did. Trust.



You’ve been super busy lately, Aries. From your crazy summer internship to the annual family vacay, it seems like you’ve had zero time to DO YOU. Good thing the stars want you to spend some quality time flying solo. So curl up with a good book at the beach and treat yourself to a cone. You’ll love every minute.



You like do things your way, Taurus. You might be stubborn like a bull, but that shouldn’t stop you from asking for help when you need it. And LBH: you need support right now. Remember that your besties are just a text away, and they want to be there for you. Message them and let them help.



You’re full of crazy creative ideas this week, Gemini. The problem? As usual, you can’t decide on which one you’d like to pursue. Thankfully Saturn is directly opposing your sun this month, which will help you focus on one thing and once you do — world, look out!



You’re in love, Cancer, and that’s beautiful. However, you want to make sure that you aren’t looking for happiness and fulfillment. Though it’s awesome to spend time with bae everyday, it’s super important and healthy to make time to reconnect with your friends and yourself. Bae will understand.