Weekly Horoscope: December 18 to December 24, 2016

Mercury Retrograde is baaaack

YASSS it’s almost Christmas! Booooo — we’re now in Mercury Retrograde! Not surprisingly the signs are definitely feeling the ups and downs of the stressful season.

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Mercury Retrograde is making it hard for you to bite your tongue this week, Aries, but you gotta try. Feeling out of control is going to make you feel hella anxious, which will cause you to unleash that epic temper of yours. Don’t. Strive to find peace with your situation somehow. Meditating and yoga helps!

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Uh-oh. Mercury Retrograde is going to seriously mess with your technology, Taurus. Don’t be surprised if you have to hit the Apple store or if your Snapchat suddenly fails on you. This is the perfect excuse to do IRL things that make you happy, like hanging out with friends, walking your dog, or going for a mani-pedi with Mom.



You’re getting the major case of the jellies this week, Gemini. You can blame it on Mercury Retrograde, but remember that choosing to be unhappy is as easy as to choosing to be…happy. So go for the happy, Twin. Do things that make you feel good about yourself and take care of that special souls of yours.



You’ve got your eye on a certain someone this week, Cancer, and LBH: you really want to kiss him or her badly. Instead of carrying a mistletoe around with you 24/7, consider introducing yourself to your new crush. Getting outside of your comfort zone will help with your flirting skills — and who knows? You might get that kiss.



You and your bae are going through some changes this week, Leo. You’ve been all about cozy nights this month, but now Mercury Retrograde is giving you a harsh reality check. Own up to your lack of compromising and your assumptions about your relaysh. Change CAN be good sometimes, lionness.



Mercury Retrograde is sending you the bae of your dreams, Virgo. OK, so he’s not Justin Bieber, but he’s basically perf for you. Don’t let old fears and rejections mess with your head, though. Your anxieties will only distract you from something really awesome happening. Just make sure to keep lines of communication OPEN.



Don’t take on too much right now, Libra. Though you love to help others as much as you can, you might be the one who needs all the support she can get. Sort out the family drama, the party planning and your studying as best you can. Know that you’re doing OK, and take a breath — and ask for help!



You’re way more powerful than you think, Scorpio. And, as Spiderman knows, with great power comes great responsibility. Which means don’t lead on that crush — no matter how hot he is! Another thing: don’t participate in any power struggles with your parents, either. It’s time to take responsibility for your actions.



You’ll want to pinch your pennies this week, Sagittarius. Though you’ve been celebrating your birthday like the rock star you are, not every party has to be a huge blowout. Your ego might hurt a bit, but it’s for the best. There’s more in store for you (including $$) in 2017.



Having Mercury Retrograde in your sign isn’t going to be easy, Cappy. You’ll have to put those big ideas and projects on the back burner until early 2017. You also might be feeling impatient with life in general, but now is the time to rest up and reflect on your ‘tude and actions. You want to be the best you in the New Year, right?!



There might be some last-minute changes to your holiday plans this week, Aquarius, which will leave you feeling super stressed and bummed out. When you’re overloaded with tons of emotions, your inner problem-solver can’t come out. Instead, get centered and focus on the things you CAN change.



You’re all feeling all sorts of ambitious this week, Pisces. With go-getter Mars in your sign on the 19th, you’re ready to show your Sasha Fierce to the world. Just remember as you sashay that it’s important to love and accept yourself as is because you’ve got nothing to prove, my friend.

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