Weekly Horoscope: December 4 – December 10, 2016

'Tis the season to set intentions

With December bringing big changes to the signs, now is the time to set your intentions for the New Year, and then go with the flooooooow.

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You are feeling cool, calm and collected this week, Aries. Let these mellow vibes pour into in every area of your life, meaning: chill out about your exams (you’ll ace ’em), accept your crush’s invitation to the skating rink (yes, he/she does really like you) and do your chores (because you’re too zen to argue, right?).

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YASS! You’re finally being recognized for your hard work and your awesome talents this week, Taurus. However, it’s not alllll sunshine and rainbows. You might find yourself in the middle of a dilemma — like do you celebrate with your BFFs or go to dinner with your proud parents? Sometimes victory comes with a sacrifice.



December is a big love month for you, Gemini, and this week is no exception. If you’re in a relationship, you might receive an early Christmas present from your sweetie — something you’ve always wanted. If single, you might literally bump into your future bae at the mall.



Sorry, Cancer, but you’re still feeling super stressed this week. Make sure you’re eating tons of greens — and not overindulging with the sugary holiday treats — and getting a decent amount of exercise to help combat your nerves. Oh, and try to get some shut eye — your hundredth Gilmore Girls binge can wait!



You’re in the mood for some romance this week, Leo. You might find yourself being swept off your feet by a new crush at the school dance or you might get all lioness and boldly text that hottie in your Chemistry class to see if he wants to go out for a hot cocoa. Just remember to keep it fun and light until after the holidays.



December marks your hibernation month, Virgo, which is actually perfect because what’s better than lounging around in your onesie, sipping hot cider and watching Home Alone on repeat? Pretty much nothing. However, when your bestie texts you to ask if you’re still alive, be a good friend and text her back.



From parental obligations to holiday shopping with BFFS to attending tons of Christmas parties, you’re the ultimate social butterfly this week, Libra. Not only are you in high demand, but your cheerful and super friendly vibe could attract a new love interest — or two. Lucky you!



You’re all about making money this week, Scorpio. Which is why you don’t mind taking on a little bit more responsibility either resulting in more chores at home or extra shifts at your part-time job. Don’t worry: you’ll pay off your holiday shopping in no time!



You’re the birthday girl, Sag, so no wonder you’re the most popular girl in the room. Ride this wave of charisma and recognition by making important contacts (like that internship you’ve been eyeing) or asking Santa what you truly want for Christmas. Also, don’t be surprised if you kiss someone under the mistletoe. đŸ˜‰



This is your month to rest, recharge, and regroup, Capricorn, so don’t be afraid to take a break from your intense study habits this week. There’s no need to rush any projects or any pending accomplishments on your bucket list. Remember: patience is a virtue and timing is everything.



You’re having tons of fun this week, Aquarius, and guess what? NO APOLOGIES. Keeping it light and flirty right now is actually soooo good for your spirit and soul. You’re entering a major relationship era in your life, which means you could definitely meet your next bae at the mall this weekend.



You have big plans for yourself, Pisces, and you’re ready to take some major action with them in the New Year. But first you’re doing what you do best: dreaming. Keep dreaming those wildest dreams, friend, but don’t forget to turn them into serious plans, so you can make them a reality.