Weekly Horoscope: Out With the Old, In With the New

Embrace the change

Weekly Horoscope: Out With the Old, In With the New

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We are headed into Scorpio season this week. With Jupiter having entered the fiery sign last week, plus the effects from a new moon in Libra this week, you can be sure that this week, as well as the rest of the month, is all about releasing the old — relationships, patterns, ways of being and thinking — and embracing the new. But don’t be surprised if you have to face a few ghosts first! (it IS almost Halloween.)



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You’re feeling more like yourself this week, Libra. With Venus back in your sign, you’re super flirty and more charming than ever! Don’t be surprised if you hear from a former lover who feels bad for letting you go (as they should!). Think twice before texting back.



You’re feeling a bit more quiet and introspective this week, Scorpio. You’ll likely feel more creative, finding inspiration from your dreams (which might be on the wacky side). Explore your artistic side, even if it means trying something new. You’ll feel freer than you have in a while.



You are ready to mingle and connect with as many as people as you can, Sag. You’re feeling more energized and more sociable than ever, which will lead you to try out new experiences. A house league rugby team? A poetry club? Why not?! You’ll meet new friends, too, which is always an awesome thing.



We know you love to plan, Cappy, but the stars want you to relax this week. Yes, you. Relax. You’ve done all the planning and you’ve done all the work. Now it’s time to sit back, and see what the Universe has in store for you (and trust, it’s a lot!). In the meantime, chill with friends and enjoy yourself. Pretty please?



You’re feeling super touchy feely this week, Aquarius. If you’re attached and you know you’ve got something special with your current bae, don’t hesitate to tell them — and give them a nudge to a more Instagram-worthy status. If single, don’t hesitate to flirt with your crush. You might end up with a date this weekend!



You’re about to swipe the slate clean, Pisces. Whether it’s finally paying your parents back, or reigniting an old friendship/relationship, or maybe saying goodbye to one for good, you’re starting from scratch again. It might feel weird at first (generally, people like the familiar), but it’s definitely something to celebrate.



You’re feeling emosh this week, Aries. Yes, really. Blame the emotional release of the new moon on the 19th. This is the time to cut cords with those who only bring you down (you know who they are). Your emotional state will cause you to be more cooperative than usual, which is bound to attract new — and better — people in your life.



It’s time to break bad habits this week, Taurus. Whether that means skipping lazy days and hitting the gym more, trading in your fast food for whole foods, or refusing to text that toxic lover, now is the time to get healthy and organized, and focused on being the best you that you can be. You got this!



You’re ready to buckle down and work this week, Gemini, but the stars want you to hold off and enjoy yourself instead. Expect plenty of social invitations, including ones to art exhibits and other creative endeavors. Don’t worry if you feel a bit out of your element — that’s part of the fun. Just go with it (which should be your mantra this week).



You might be in for a surprise this week, Cancer. Though it’s unexpected, remember that everything is working out for your highest good. Take the news in stride, and know that bigger and better things are headed your way. In fact, another surprise this week could be the number of dates you receive. Your love life is def sizzling.



You’re finally going to be free of something that’s been holding you back, Leo. It could be a way of thinking or doing that hasn’t served you well. Whatever it is, you’ll experience a Eureka moment that will not only bring you peace, but also the certainty that abundance — of experience, opportunities, joy — is on its way to you.



You’re all about business this week, Virgo, which is good because you’ve been all about the fun lately. If you’ve been splurging a lot, expect a lesson in savings that will help you in the long run. Keeping your head down, finishing your work, and going above and beyond what’s expected will also amp up your work ethic. All good things!

Brianne Hogan
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