Weekly Horoscope: Express Yourself

The Age of Aquarius

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Goodbye ambitious Capricorn season, helloooo quirky and active Aquarius season! The sun shifts into Aquarius on January 20th, which means we are sloooowly coming out of hibernation mode. We are also ready to express ourselves in new ways, whether that means emotionally or creatively, or both. You’ve been warned.

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Happy birthday, girl! This week is all about living your best life. You’re filled with possibilities, which might lead you to explore anything and everything — from creative projects to weekend adventures with your squad. Right now, you’re all about feeling good. So whatever that means to you, DO IT!

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You’re feeling reenergized this week, Pisces. You’ve cut out what, or who, is no longer working for you, and now you’re ready for the NEW. Indulge your natural dreamy side and explore artistic interests, like a poetry reading or an improv class. You might even meet a new friend or two.



It’s time to relax a little this week, Aries, and chill with your squad. Sometimes you forget that you have awesome people around you, but the truth is, you do. So share the love. Make time for solid hangs with your favorite people. Maybe a squad night out, or in, both. The work and the projects can wait for now.



Your sensual side is super charged this week, Taurus. You’re all about indulging your senses, whether it’s eating your favorite comfort food, treating yourself to a massage, or cuddling up with bae. In fact, if you’re single or attached, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a little frisky. Have a good make-out session or sext — the stars demand it.



It might still be January, Gemini, but you’re already craving adventure and getting out of your comfort zone this week. If you can’t take an actual vacay, consider joining a new club or trying a new activity, or running outside instead of at the gym. Have a creative impulse? Draw it, sing it, write it — just channel it!



You’ve already set some new intentions, Cancer, and so the stars want to know: How are you holding up your end of the bargain? Goal-setting and visualizing are great, but how are you going to hold yourself accountable? What will you do to make that into something real? This week, take charge of your goals.



This is week is all about relationships, Leo. You’re flashing your killer smile and impressing pretty much everyone, from career VIPs to that cutie at the local Starbucks. This is primetime for determining how you can make the most out of your appeal and your connections. However, take note: not everything is about you. Humility is hot, too.



The stars want you to take a look at your life and ask yourself: Are you doing the things that make you happy? And if you’re answering “Not really” to most of them, then Virgo, why are you doing them? It’s time to stop whatever is not bringing you joy, and start focusing on only the things that light you up.



It’s time to get your flirt on this week, Libra. You’ve been hibernating for a while, so now is the perfect time to plan a night out with your girls. Sometimes feeling good is synonymous with looking good, so do whatever it takes to get you in the zone — blowout, mani, new shoes. And then prepare to meet someone who’s the opposite of you.



You’ve been through a lot of drama for the last little while, Scorpio, and now you’re soooo over it. It’s time to treat yo’self with simple pleasures, as well as taking the time to surround yourself with healthy, positive people. The cloud above you is clearing for bluer skies, but you need to let the Universe know you’re ready for the calm.



You’re super busy this week, Sagittarius. If your chaotic life is any indication of 2018, then it’s going to be a cray year. Which means you need to take the time to get still and find some balance. For example, create space to be alone with a fave book, or get your sweat on with your BFF. Whatever it is, take a break. You need it.



You know all those to-do lists, action plans, and vision boards that you’ve been so painstakingly working on this month? Well, now it’s time to do something about them, Cappy. Take action, one step at a time, while continuing to ground yourself. Failing to do so will cause you major anxiety, so please, take a breath and meditate.

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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