Weekly Horoscope: February 26 – March 4, 2017

March roars in like a lion

A solar eclipse kicks off this week, resulting in MAJOR energy shifts and transformations for the signs.

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On the 26th, a solar eclipse in Pisces will rock the cosmos and you’ll be feeling this shift for many months to come, birthday girl. This could be a magical time for you, ushering in many awesome opportunities and helpful mentors that will help you achieve your biggest and brightest dreams. YASSS!

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You’re all about tying up loose ends this week, Aries, which might result in a few heated moments with some of your loved ones. Rein in that fiery temper of yours and pick your battles wisely. If you have to end a friendship or relationship, do so with compassion, but think twice about burning bridges permanently.



It’s time to check yourself before you wreck yourself, Taurus. You’ve been too obsessed with your own life to think about anyone else or that your emotional support — and secret supply of chocolate — might be exactly what your BFF needs right now. So text your friend and ask, “Are u ok?”



Thanks to the solar eclipse this week, you’re going get your Beyonce on and show the world that you are a verified QUEEN. Everything you’ve been working on for over the past two years could come together in a stunning moment of achievement. The only problem? You. Get out of your own way, Twin Star. Don’t let fear hold you back.



You’re in for a cray cray week, Cancer. There’s a lot of intense energy surrounding you, which could land you in the middle of some dramz. This might be the push you need to change yourself and some old behaviors rather than stick to your comfort zone. You might get an invite to a short out-of-town getaway — take it! You need it.



The solar eclipse is legit highlighting your love life this week, Leo. If you want your bae for real, fight to make your relationship work. If something is bugging you, have faith in yourself to not only recognize the problem, but that you also have the courage — and self-respect — to walk away.



You’re feeling all the feels this week, Virgo. Rather than doing your status quo — holding yourself up in your bedroom underneath the covers with your laptop — reach out to your friends and fam for support, or at least some friendly distraction, like having a board game night.



You’re all sorts of competitive this week, Libra. This could totally bode well for your professional aspirations — your ferocious tenacity will surely get you noticed by VIPs. Don’t let anyone else’s negative talk get you down, or make you shrink smaller. Shine bright, my friend. It’s your time.



The solar eclipse could end up spicing up your love life this week, Scorpio. If that’s the case, don’t be surprised if things heat up super fast between you and your new bae. Is it true love? Mayyybeeeee, or maybe not. Whichever the case, make sure you’re having fun while also feeling comfortable and safe no matter what.



You’re feeling super stressed out this week, Sag. Your best bet is to sloooooow things down and learn to say, “No.” Also: make sure your emotions are not interfering with your relationships (a.k.a. lashing out on your bestie because you’re feeling anxious). It might be a good idea to go MIA until the weekend.



You’re feeling all sorts of emotions this week, Cap, but, unfortunately, these emotions are paralyzing you. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get anything accomplished. This is very un-Capricorn of you, and you’re stressing out because of it. The solution? Rest up and let things ride out. It’s also un-Cappy, but it’ll work.



The solar eclipse brings some money-making opportunities for you this week, Aquarius. Maybe you land the job you’ve been eyeing or successfully barter a raise in your allowance. Now is the time to start thinking about setting up a savings account for big splurges like a new purse or — gulp! — college.


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