Weekly Horoscope: February 5 – February 11, 2017

February = #GetWoke

February’s game is strong AF. This month, we’ll experience tons of high-paced energy, unity, and fiery passion. Good thing Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

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You’re getting your flirt on this week, Birthday Girl. You’re really feeling in your element (which makes sense since we ARE in Aquarius season) and it shows. Buy yourself something pretty and explore your options when it comes to future baes. This Valentine’s Day, don’t be surprised if you have more than one admirer!

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You’re super sensitive anyway, Pisces, but this week you’re feeling ALLLL the feels. Now is the best time to indulge in some heavy-duty self-care. If someone’s bad ‘tude is bringing you down, walk away. Don’t be afraid to fly solo for the next few days until you rest up and recharge your batteries.



Your leadership skills will be much needed this week, Aries. Don’t be surprised if you start leading a study group or are asked to step up your responsibilities at work and/or at home. People look up to you and those in authority know you can handle it. Also: you have a secret crush. Just sayin’.



You’re really trying to have the best of both worlds this week, Taurus. You want to slay during the day, but you also wanna play at night. Word of advice? You can do anything you put your mind to — just don’t overdo it. Let go of minor tasks so you can be your best self at the Valentine’s Day party this weekend.



You’re in the mood for some fun this week, Gemini. No wonder that you might find yo’ fine self in demand between friend groups. If you don’t want to choose between squads, then consider linking your friends together for one big Galentine’s Day Party!



You’ve made some mistakes that are coming back to haunt you this week, Cancer. Remember that everyone makes mistakes — it just means that you’re learning and growing, and, ultimately, becoming more awesome. Just own where you’re at and know you’re improving everyday. It’s alllllll good. Trust.



Just like Rihanna, Leo, you’ve got love on the brain this week. You’re starry-eyed over your new bae, and you can’t concentrate on anything else. Love is awesome, but you can’t let it interfere with your other responsibilities. Here’s an idea: plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date together — the one you’re dreaming about — and then get back to the books.



You’re in the mood for some retail therapy this week, Virgo. We get it: this year’s been cray, but you don’t want to blow your budget over trends that will be considered old news by next spring. What you really need is some quality time with your BFF and your fave rom-com. Quality over quantity wins every time!



You’re feeling super creative this week, Libra. If you’ve been thinking of trying out a new funky eyeshadow or wearing a dazzling sequined sweater, now is the time to do it. Whatever makes you feel like “you.” Not surprisingly, your fun energy will attract some new admirers — just in time for Valentine’s Day!



The struggle is real AF this week, Scorpio, as you try to balance your homework with your extracurricular activities, not to mention family time AND time with your squad. Thankfully, you’ve got an awesome group of girls in your life who love supporting you. Planning a last-minute slumber party might be exactly what you need RN.



You’re dealing with tons of weird energy, Sag, that is making you feel both nervous and excited all at the same time. Chances are you’re probs absorbing other people’s fears right now, which is causing your inner chatterbox to get really loud. Find a moment or two to meditate or go to the gym. You need to chill.



Your thoughts and emotions are all over the map this week, Capricorn, which is very un-Cappy of you. You have a lot of big goals to fulfill — not to mention you’re feeling awfully chatty and social right now — so it’s super easy to get ahead of yourself. Better swap the espresso for a camomile tea, and take one thing at a time.


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