Weekly Horoscope: Everything’s About to Get Intense

In a really cool way

Weekly Horoscope: Everything's About to Get Intense

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We’re officially in sizzling Scorpio season this week. After flirty and friendly Libra season, we can now expect more passion as cuffing season heats up. And with the new moon in Libra, your relationships are about to get super serious, super fast. In fact, everything is about to get intense — but in a really cool way.

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Happy birthday, Scorpio! This week you’re feeling at the top of your game, which means you’re all about chasing those #goodvibesonly. Don’t be surprised if you start cleaning out your closet, literally and figuratively. From your wardrobe to relationships, it’s time for new beginnings all around.

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Your super busy pace is finally slowing down this week, Sag. Take this as an opportunity to get some much needed R&R. Catch up on your sleep and indulge in self-care, like treating yourself to a massage or a mani. You’re in for a day of major healing on the 26th when the Sun and Jupiter merge. Open up, and let it happen.



You’re feeling more energized than ever this week, Cappy. You’ll need this extra pep in your step with all the upcoming deadlines and responsibilities coming your way. Don’t hesitate to speak your mind to those in authority or to show off your talents. This is no time for modesty. You’re a #boss. Let the world know.



If there was ever a time to broadcast your creative talents to the world, Aquarius, this week would be it. Whether it’s a piece of art or writing that you have been holding onto, now is the time to release it into the universe. This is your moment to shine! And don’t be surprised if you have a special “fan” who wants to become more.



You’re still feeling all the feels this week, Pisces. Tons of emotions are swirling around you and within you, including lust, competition, and jealousy. Comparing yourself to anyone is a waste of time — and you’re better than that. Rise above the toxicity, and do you. The right people will notice you.



Your relationship status is about to change, Aries. If single, you could very well meet a special someone who has #endgame potential. If coupled up, your relationship will evolve — either you’ll cement your Instagram status or take a break. Whichever it is, make your happiness and peace of mind the priority.



A friend could turn into a lover this week, Taurus. Or someone you swore off could suddenly look very attractive to you. The stars are trying to challenge your views on what you think you want versus what you actually need. Open your heart and mind, and you could be pleasantly surprised at what you find.



You’re more motivated than ever to live your best life this week, Gemini. You’re feeling oddly grounded, which is a change for you, Twinnie. Take this opportunity to kick off a self-care routine, like taking a new fitness class, eating more veggies, and trying out a meditation app. It might be an adjustment at first, but the results will be worth it.



You’re more than willing to come out of your shell this week, Cancer, and the stars are all about it. You’re feeling more sociable than you have in a while, which will lead you to all sorts of opportunities, both personal and professional. Your joyful attitude is both attractive and contagious — don’t be surprised if it turns some heads.



Usually, you like to be out and about, but you’re a homebody this week, Leo. Yes, you. You’re definitely feeling your domestic goddess side, so just let it happen. Reorganize and decorate your room. Try out a few new recipes and invite your squad over for a dinner party. Chill out with a book. Take this down time to reenergize yourself. You’ll be back to your old self soon!



You’re all about working hard and reaping those rewards this week, Virgo. You’re out to slay, and VIPs are definitely noticing your efforts and talent. However, a surprise love interest could distract you from your work. It’s okay to play, but don’t let it interfere with your goals. Try to balance both.



You’re about to get fierce this week, Libra. On the 22nd, Mars blazes into your sign until December 9, which means you’re feeling yourself and then some. “Look What You Made Me Do” might as well be your anthem right now. Take this time as an opportunity to speak your mind and take some major risks. No apologies.


Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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