Weekly Horoscope: It’s Time for Some LOVE

Happy 2018!


After a stressful and dramatic 2017, what the world needs now is love, sweet love. January begins with an emo Full Moon on the first, making the start of 2018 the perfect time to not only let go of what’s no longer working, but to also embrace and surrender to cosmic healing forces; namely, the force of love. Let love into your world this week, and start off 2018 with some warm and fuzzy feelings.

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Everything can change this week, Cappy, you just gotta let it. Don’t be afraid to let go — it’s the only way to finally get where you want to go. And remember, feelings are intense and messy, but that’s what makes humans, well, human. Don’t be afraid to feel yours, and don’t push away those who are better at expressing them. You can learn a lot!

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Go easy on yourself this week, Aquarius. Remember, nobody’s perfect — including you. Don’t get caught up with what everyone else is doing. Focus on you right now, and remind yourself that you are doing the best that you can. Give yourself some extra TLC. You deserve it.



You need to figure out what you want to accomplish in 2018, Pisces, and this is the perfect week to dream — which is what you do best. It’s important to keep in mind that other people in your life — including bae and bestie — don’t need to understand why you want what you want. Be fearless with your desires, and own them.



It’s time to lay down some major truthbombs, Aries. Are you in relationships that truly fulfill you, or are they just feeding your ego? They might make you feel safe, but that doesn’t mean they’re exactly healthy. No more faking it, girl. It’s time to kick off 2018 with raw authenticity and integrity.



Don’t get caught up with hypotheticals, Taurus. Your anxious thoughts are not only stopping you from enjoying this present moment, but they’re also tricking you into thinking that you don’t have control over your own life. You control your thoughts, and your reality. Tune into what you want, and then go after it.



If you want to make serious progress in your life in 2018, Gemini, you’re gonna have to get super real with yourself. That means confronting all sides of yourself, including, and most especially, the yucky parts. It will most definitely be uncomfortable, but the payoff will be HUGE.



You might be feeling a little emosh this week, Cancer. You’re confronting a ton of unresolved feelings from 2017, which will lead to some moments of disappointment and loneliness. As you’re taking a stroll down memory lane, you might even receive a surprise text from an ex-lover. Proceed with caution.



Get ready for tons of feels, Leo. You’re doing some super duper self-reflection, which is bringing up a lot of emotions. It’s important not to categorize your feelings as “bad” or “good.” Just feel what you need to feel without any judgment. And even though you love being the center of attention, try not to get tooooo dramatic.



You’re all about getting in touch with what makes you happy, Virgo. Kick off 2018 by following your curiosity and exploring your interests, especially the creative ones. By allowing yourself to pursue something that truly makes you joyful, you’ll also attract awesome new people into your life — including a potential new bae.



You want to take some alone time this week, Libra. This is a bit different for you, as the zodiac’s social butterfly, but this is the right time to take stock of who you are and where you want to be. Be true to yourself no matter what. When you come out of your quiet time, you’ll be a stronger version of yourself — and you’ll be ready to party.



There’s a ton of drama surrounding you right now, Scorpio. The old 2017 you would be all about spilling that tea, but the new 2018 you wants to be clear, calm, and kind. Communication is key. Pay attention to what you say, and how you say it. Not everything has to be a fight. Attract bees with honey, not vinegar.



It’s super easy to get distracted this month, Sag, which is why you need to really lock down what and who is important to you. Don’t apologize for what lights you up, or for that matter, what doesn’t. Focus on your lane, and everything will fall into place. Promise.


Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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