Weekly Horoscope: It’s Time to Be Who You Are Meant To Be

OMG! A Blue Moon


We’re getting a super potent Blue Blood Moon on January 31st, which will also give us a lunar eclipse. “Blue,” because it’s the second of two full moons in one calendar month, and “blood” because it gives the moon a reddish glow. This celestial phenomenon is linked to the eclipses of February and August 2017, so whatever you were processing at that time — breakup? a new project? — will return once and for all, asking for permanent closure. Let. It. Go.

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You are going through some major emotions right now, Aquarius, so hold on. The full moon eclipse is allll about your relationships. From friendships to family to romantic relationships, you will be forced to question who belongs and who doesn’t. Let go, and have faith.

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You’re the most intuitive sign, Pisces, and now your psychic powers are even more heightened, thanks to the full moon eclipse. Expect to be super sensitive to the energies surrounding you and more emosh than usual. You might consider taking some alone time to chill.



Get ready for some drama, Aries. You can thank the full moon eclipse for the major theatrics you’re about to experience in pretty much every aspect of your life, from your love life to your work and school. Everything will suddenly feel emotional and exhausting, and out of your control. Take a breath, and see what you can release.



The full moon eclipse is urging you to return to who you really are, Taurus. You’ve been too comfortable for far too long. Now is the time to go towards your destiny. It will feel challenging. Expect personal and relationship issues to come to the forefront. It’s time for you to do some deep cleansing so you can finally be free.



Someone’s about to spill some major tea this week, Gemini, and it’s up to you whether to take the bait or not. The full moon eclipse is testing your integrity, as well as the foundation of who you are. How you perceive yourself and others is about to change. It’s important to be flexible and trust your instincts.



It’s time to get reenergized and refocused this week, Cancer. The full moon eclipse is asking you to look at how and with whom you’re spending your time. Are you doing what lights you up, or not? If not, it’s time to realign your life and get to investing your time and energy with the right people and things!



This week’s full moon eclipse is all about your favorite subject: you, dear Leo. It’s time to focus on you, but especially how you relate to others around you. Are you a people-pleaser? Do you practice humility? Do you make everything about you? It’s time for a major wakeup call. Answer it.



You’ve been working hard lately, Virgo, which is why this week’s full moon eclipse is forcing you to relax. You need to rest because you need the time and energy to process emotions you’ve been pushing aside due to your “busyness.” You are never too busy for some serious self-care and self-love.



You’ve been having a lot of fun lately, Libra, but the full moon eclipse wants you to quit distracting yourself. Instead, it’s asking you to focus on who and what you really want in your life. What is your heart’s desire? Don’t be scared to claim it. And don’t be too scared to go after it.



You’re wondering whether you’ll be okay, Scorpio, and the full moon eclipse is telling you YES but you have to be true to who you are. How do you feel about where you’re at right now, and where do you want to be? This is a big moment for you, especially when it comes to professional matters. Take a risk, because it will pay off.



You’re destined for a new journey, Sag, and the full moon eclipse will help you out with that. Listen to your gut, and have it guide you to new places, projects, and people. It will be challenging, but it will also be totally rewarding. Learn your lessons, be open, and you’re destined for success.



The full moon eclipse is stirring up tons of feels regarding your self-worth and value, Capricorn. On a practical level, you might receive a raise, or consider asking for one. On a personal level, you will dig deep as you consider old insecurities. It’s time to release them and show yourself some love!

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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