Weekly Horoscope: It’s Time to Finally Follow Your Heart


Maybe it’s because we just survived Thanksgiving with the fam and we’re in need of something magical, or maybe it’s because it’s the start of the holidays, which is always a time filled with *hope*. Whatever the reason is, the signs are being asked to follow their hearts’ desires, and then take action.

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‘Tis the season for miracles, after all.



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You’re going deep this week, Birthday Girl. You are excited to write the next chapter of your story, which means you will want to think about what *really* matters to you. What does your vision board look like? Dream big, Sag. And above all, follow your heart.



You’ve worked hard allllll year, Cappy, and now the Universe wants to reward you with some serious R&R. Take this week to rest up and recharge. If you have the inspo to do something “just for the fun of it,” now is the time to do it. Go with the flow, and you’ll be surprised how easy life can truly be.



It’s time to step up and get yours, Aquarius. Everything is lining up perfectly for you to slay — you just need to believe that you are worthy of your heart’s desire. Once you commit to bringing your dreams to life and take that first step, the stars will do the rest.



After a few setbacks and regrets over the last month, Pisces, the stars are aligning in your corner this week. Now is the perf time to make some hard decisions that will put you on the path towards your biggest dreams. Say goodbye to what holds you back, and hello to new beginnings.



You’re allll fired up this week, Aries. And though speaking your mind and going after what you want aren’t out of the ordinary for you, sticking to what you want is more important to you than ever. Don’t allow any minor hiccup to stop you from going after what you really, really want.



You’re in a very generous mood this week, Taurus. You’re feeling warm and fuzzy, and grateful for the amazing people in your life. Now is the best time to let your nearest and dearest know how much they mean to you, including that new crush you have your eye on.



Though you might want to speak your mind this week, Gemini, the stars want you to do the opposite of your natural impulses — meaning pull back, and take some solo time. Remember that karma takes care of everything, and trust that life is leading you to where you need to be.



Something, or someone, is bothering you this week, Cancer. Something doesn’t feel right. Usually you’d prefer to ignore these types of things and retreat into your shell, but the stars urge you to dig deep to understand what’s bothering you. And once you figure it out, address it once and for all.



Your love life is ready to heat up, Leo. No need to buy mistletoe because the cosmos have got you covered in the romance department. You normally like to feel less attached to lovers, but don’t be afraid if something about your new bae makes you more clingy than usual. It’s a *good* thing.



You want to make some big changes in your life, Virgo, so really, what’s holding you back? One answer: you. Because guess what? The Universe wants you to make those changes, too. So get out of your own way, and do what you need to do to make your new reality happen. One step at a time.



Feeling tired lately, Libra? I would too if I was being constantly asked for guidance, advice, and support from my loved ones. Though you typically love being the Oprah in your squad, you’re feeling like you need some “me time.” Take it.



You’re feeling like you’re in limbo when it comes to a certain situation, Scorpio. It’s super normal to be scared of making the wrong decision, however you actually *know* what you want. You’re just scared to shout it to the world. No more being afraid. Now is your time to claim what you want.

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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