Weekly Horoscope: It’s Time to Open Yourself to New Possibilities

Byeee, Mercury Retrograde!


What a week. Not only are we bidding adieu to Sagittarius season and saying “Hi!” to Capricorn time, but we’re also saying byeeee to Mercury Retrograde (phew!). Translation: We’re about to encounter some major — and much-needed — clarity and transformation. As we head into the end of December, and 2017, we’ll need this time more than ever.

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Get ready to slay, birthday girl! Saturn, your ruling planet, comes home to the mothership for the first time in over 25 years! For the next three years, you’ll be asked to level up your game, and like the ambitious Cappy you are, you’re more than willing to rise to the challenge. We know you got this, but it wouldn’t hurt to seek some support either.

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You’re discovering just who should, and shouldn’t, belong in your squad, Aquarius. Now is the perfect time to establish boundaries, and keep your team small and sacred. These new changes will also make you feel a bit emosh, so take the time to meditate, journal, and go inward.



Thanks to some much-deserved recognition, you’re feeling super confident this week, Pisces. However, you’re also feeling lonely. You’ve been so busy striving and working that you haven’t had much time to hang with your friends and fam. It’s time to rectify that, pronto. Plan a girls’ night and reconnect with your squad.



You’re feeling adventurous this week, Aries. The new moon on the 18th has ignited your inner wanderer, so you could start Googling foreign lands for spring break, or even take an impromptu weekend road trip with bae. Bonus: Don’t be surprised if a side hustle opportunity comes from a sudden change in plans. Embrace spontaneity!



Your relationship status is about to get *serious* this week, Taurus. If you’re single, you could end up meeting someone who has serious LTR potential near the new moon. Coupled up? You’ll be delving deep into your relationship like never before. No matter what, you’ll soon be feeling clearer about what you do and don’t want.



You’ve got money on your mind this week, Gemini. This could mean planning a budget to help you take control of your finances, or you could find ways to earn even more cash — either through a new job, or even a side hustle. No matter what, you’re about to feel way more confident about your $$$, and that’s a huge relief.



You’re surprising yourself when it comes to love this week, Cancer. Instead of retreating into your shell, you’re ready to speak from your heart. Saturn’s return to Capricorn on the 19th will have single crabs closer to finding their special S.O., while coupled-up crabs will take their relationship to the next level.



You’re all about you this week, Leo. Umm, when are you not, right? But this time’s a bit different. You’re less about wondering what other people think of you, and more into discovering how you feel about YOU. This is a time for you to explore your curiosity, and push yourself when it comes to your goals.



This week is pushing you to “adult” more than ever before, Virgo. On a personal level, you will be seeking more long-term potential partners who ground you. Professionally, you will be asked to step up your game. This could mean anything from a promising internship to a promotion. No matter what, say YES.



You’re feeling nostalgic this week, Libra. Which means you’ll be into spending time with your fam and friends, and even reconnecting with people from your past. Don’t be surprised if an ex sends you a surprise holiday text. It’s okay to be cautious, but it’s also okay to open yourself up to new possibilities.



You’re being asked to grow this week, Scorpio. It’s time to stop comparing yourself to others, as well as feeling envious or jealous. You’re meant for bigger and brighter things, but you have to *believe* you are. It’s time to stop using fear as an excuse for chasing after the dreams you deserve to see come true.



You’re gonna feel so much lighter and freer this week, Sag. Why? Because Saturn is finally exiting your sign on the 19th where it’s been since 2014. You’ve learned a ton of (hard) lessons over these last few years. Now it’s time to put those lessons into use, and finally have some FUN! You deserve it.

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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