Weekly Horoscope: January 15 – January 21, 2017

It's Girl Power week

The moon in ultra feminine and nurturing Cancer means our girl power — and emotions —  are on full force this week.

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You’re super emotional this week, Capricorn, which is very un-Cappy of you. Not only are you taking things way too personally, but you might also (unintentionally) hurt the feelings of your friends and fam. Take a breath, and relax. When the sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, you’ll be back to your old practical self again.

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You’re going super deep this week, Aquarius. Maybe you’ll dive into some spiritual studies, or start journaling all your feels. You might even start up a meditation practice. Whatever gets you closer to YOU. And when your birthday season begins on the 19th, you’ll be so glad you did.



Your social calendar has been blowing up for weeks, Pisces, but now is the time to start slowing things down. Clarify the goals you want to achieve in 2017, and write ’em down. When the sun slips into Aquarius this week, it’ll rejuvenate the soulfulness you’ve forgotten. Remember: you don’t have to go to alllll the parties.



Don’t be surprised if you’re confronted with some dramz this week, Aries. You might run into an old bestie or a former bae who knows how to get under your skin. You can choose to how to react to them, which includes not playing into their games. Next week will be calmer, promise.



You’re the biggest social butterfly going around this week, Taurus. From planning trivia game nights with your fam jam to movie dates with your squad, you’re all about bringing people together (anything to avoid homework, right?). Just don’t take things too personally if one of your BFFs suddenly gets weird. It’s not you, it’s her.



A lot of people think you deserve success, Gemini, but the question is: do you? This week you might be presented with an amazing internship opportunity or the lead in the school play. While you’re not one to brag, you don’t want to dim your light, either. Say yes to the opportunity. Now is the time to shine, Twin!



The moon is in your sign this week, Cancer, which means you’re feeling super emo this week. You might find yourself crying for no reason or starting arguments just ’cause. Though you’re usually the caretaker in your squad, now is the time to ask for some support, or at least a box of tissues.



Your new mantra is ‘new year, new you,’ and you really mean it, Leo. Whether it’s working on your fitness or reading some inspirational books, you’re dedicated to becoming your best self. That’s really awesome of you, Leo, but try to remember that, like Bridget Jones, you’re already awesome, just as you are.



You might be fighting a lot with bae this week, Virgo. It’s not really about whose fault it is (you can blame the stars), but how you react to conflict that really matters. It might be best to take some space from each other and hang out with your squad until the cray subsides.



You’re feeling totally bored this week, Libra. You’re craving adventure and newness, and, well, things are just so blahhhh, you can’t even. Resist the urge to stir things up because you’ll only cause unnecessary dramz. Be patient, and trust that timing is everything. Besides: there’s always Zumba class.



You’re falling hard for a crush, Scorpio. Though your new bae is hot, charming and funny, be careful not to rush the new relationship. Don’t ask, “What are we?” and just enjoy what you are, right now. Maybe you’ll be together on Valentine’s Day, maybe not. Just have fun!



Last week you reorganized your closet, Sag, and now this week you’re about decluttering your friendships. Even if your bestie is toxic, letting go of friends is always hard. Respect and value the friendship you had, but don’t look back. Besides, your social calendar is about to fill up with new — and positive — BFFs soon.


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