Weekly Horoscope: January 22 – January 28, 2017

It's Aquarius time

It’s an Aquarius world (OK, moon): we’re just living in it.

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YAY! You are the birthday girl this week, Aquarius, so cheer up! You might feel super stuck right now in life (your bestie isn’t around so much, and your love life kinda sucks) buuuutttt when the annual new moon in Aquarius happens on the 27th, it’s going to feel like magic and soon you’ll be manifesting all sorts of dreamy things.

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You’ve been super busy all month long, but this week, Pisces, you’ll finally be forced to slow your roll. You might feel like the Universe is the biggest party pooper; however, try to see that things are working in your favor — whether you see it or not. Attitude is everything, and besides — you need to chill out.



You’re feeling stressed about everything you have to do this week, Aries. You have a strong vision for what you want — whether it’s your dream college or latest English assignment — but you might have to compromise a bit if you want to get things done (which you’ll hate). Your squad will cheer you up come the weekend.



You’re putting a lot of (unnecessary) pressure on yourself this week, Taurus. You might feel like you’re behind in your goal setting this year, and you’ll want to make up for lost time by going at it hard. Remember: Beyonce wasn’t built in a day. And don’t forget to lean on your besties for support.



You have major wanderlust this week, Gemini. With everything going around you lately, all you want to do is escape to a tropical island with your bikini, BFFs, and Bieber (well, a girl can dream). Instead of running away from your worries, stand your ground, regroup and focus. You CAN do this.



You take care of a lot of people in your life, Cancer, but are you taking good care of you? This is a question that’s worth asking and answering because if you don’t start practicing some self-love, you might end up resenting your loved ones. No bueno. Put up some boundaries and indulge in a bubble bath.



You’ve been flying solo for a while now, Leo, but the stars have something up their sleeve for you this week. The new moon on the 27th could deliver a charming bae who is actually a lot different from you. Stay open because opposites attract, and, deep down, you know you need someone to challenge you.



You need a break from the world, Virgo. But you’re such a #girlboss (not to mention *ahem* stubborn) that you’d rather push yourself harder than take a nap. If you take a break and reconnect with your breath (seriously, meditation is a dream) then you might be able to get more from your super powers.



LBH: you’ve been in a bad mood for a while, Libra. You’ve been feeling impatient and frustrated, and just plain grumpy. Luckily the stars have your back. They’re bringing you a new cutie (!!!) into your life on the 27th to help snap you out of your funk. Enjoy yourself, please!



You’ve been super practical lately, Scorpio. Though counting your pennies and creating vision boards and doing your homework is admirable, it’s okay to let your hair down and have, you know, fun. So get your squad together this week and make it a Netflix night. You deserve it.



You is smart, you is kind, you is important, Sagittarius. You know this. And those who don’t? Forget ’em. There’s no use in trying to convince friends, crushes or teachers, how truly awesome you are. Own your awesome and the right people will not only find you, but freaking ADORE you.



You’re the go-to person for good advice this week, Capricorn. In fact, people loooove your advice so much, you might feel like Oprah. However, try not to get too wrapped up in your friends’ dramz, and try your best not to be super judge-y, either. A new job opportunity or internship near the 27th will be a good distraction for you.


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