Weekly Horoscope: January 29 – February 4, 2016

Hang on tight, Signs

As we head into a new month, the signs are feeling tons of stress (ugh!). Time to rest up and DO YOU, everyone!

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You might feel a little lost right now, Aquarius. Maybe you have too much on your plate or maybe some intentions for the New Year (like hitting the gym) haven’t actually gone to plan. Sit tight. February brings you more hope and inspiration, including a new crush. YASSS.

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You’re an awesome friend, Pisces, but it’s totally OK to say no sometimes. Trying to be your BFF’s spiritual guru while working part-time AND studying is wearing you out fast. This is only a lesson in learning how to set boundaries and showing yourself self-love. Your bestie WILL understand.



Aries, you’re starting to feel like you’ll be single forever, amIright? Well, chin up, buttercup, because your ruler Mars heads into Aries, followed by Venus on February 3. Translation: Cupid’s arrow is aiming straight to your heart, which means you might actually have a Valentine this year!



You’re feeling a little bit down from the winter blues this week, Taurus. The best solution for you is: distraction. Lots of it. Dive head first into your school work or extra curricular activities. Babysit your neighbor’s kids or sign up for any extra volunteer work. Keeping busy will soothe your mood in no time.



You’re a total #GirlBoss this week, Gemini. From homework assignments to presentations to leading your school’s debate team, you’re slaying at EVERYTHING. You should definitely be proud of yourself, Twin, but be mindful that you’re not keeping busy instead of dealing with some important emotional baggage.



You’re going through a whole lotta ickiness this week, Cancer. There’s some dramz going on in your squad and/or at home, and you’re coping with tons of sugar and other toxins that are making you feel like crap. Step one: own up to your part in the conflict. Step two: go to the gym. You’ll feel better in a few days.



You’ve been a good little Lionness all month, Leo. You’ve been taking your vitamins and going to bed early and indulging in self-care. But now your inner wild cat wants to come out and play! Let her. It’ll be an awesome way to spread your wings and connect with new friends — and baes.



This week you’ll learn that love is super complicated, Virgo. You think you know your bae, and then he/she will do something totally unexpected, which will cause you to wonder if your relationship is even worth having anymore. If you can think positively and hang on for a bit longer, February will provide the emotional stability you crave.



You and your BFF might be on the outs right now, Libra, but that’s all about to change in February. Your harsh tongue will start to soften, and the two of you will finally find common ground. More importantly, you’ll start to have fun together again. Just remember: you don’t ALWAYS have to be right.



Thanks to family issues, you’re feeling super stressed this week, Scorpio. Your top priority this week? You. Go to the gym, indulge in a mani-pedi, or zone out to your Netflix queue — whatever you need to do ease your racing mind and nervous energy, do that. DO YOU.



Your energy is crazy this week, Sagittarius, so make sure you’re putting it to good use. Complete any outstanding assignments or start that creative project you’ve been thinking about forever. Basically, put your dreams into action and you’ll see that they will pay off BIG in a short amount of time.



You’re going to have to be the bigger person this week, Cappy. It sucks, but for the sake of keeping the peace, and for your own mental health, take a step back and breathe. February is going to bring in a bunch of family and emotional matters, so you need to know how to take care of YOU.


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