Weekly Horoscope: January 8 – January 14, 2017

A new year, a new you

Not only do we celebrate the end of Mercury Retrograde this week (YASS!) but we’re also ushering the start of a brand new year, and a new you. Thankfully the stars of 2017 are less complicated than the stars of 2016 –and the signs will experience the quiet ambition of the new month and year this week.

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You’re hungry for an extreme makeover this week, Capricorn, however hold off on making any huge changes juuuust yet. You’re not only still feeling the effects from Mercury Retrograde, but also your Cappy nature is stopping you from fully acknowledging how much you accomplished in 2016. Give yourself a well-deserved fist bump, girl!

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Be extra gentle with yourself this week , Aquarius. Now is the time for you to tie up any loose ends (telling that boy bye, for example, or mending an old friendship) before you plunge ahead with New Year’s resolutions. Your dreams might be working overtime too — pay attention to what they’re telling you.



You’re fully embracing your inner social butterfly this week, Pisces. You’re eager to fill up your Google calendar with tons of functions, ranging from school bake sales to Zumba classes to Netflix nights with your squad. Just make sure you’re not being tooooo intense with your need to connect.



Now is the time to review your goals for 2017, Aries. Just make sure you’re coming from a place of integrity, and not sheer competitiveness. Though it would really be awesome to outdo your frenemy in, well, everything, you’ll improve more when you create goals out of self-love and improvement.



You’re still in holiday mode this week, Taurus. While it’s totally okay to rest and recharge, you don’t want to fall toooo behind in your goals for this year. Maintaining the status quo isn’t gonna get you too far and now is the perfect time to stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone.



You’re going into hibernation this week, Gemini, which means that you’re all about having your privacy. Whether that means establishing boundaries with your parents, or putting a lock on your bedroom door, you just want your alone time. However, a former bae might restrict you from going full-on hermit.



You might find yourself falling for someone HARD this week, Cancer. You’re feeling pretty lovey dovey lately and your energy is super charming right now. However, thanks to the remnants of Mercury Retrograde, you might be getting some mixed signals. Try to keep the lines of communication as open as possible.



Your body is your temple, Leo, which is why you’re all about wellness and breaking a sweat this week. Go ahead and splurge on cute new workout gear because you’ll definitely be using it this month. Most importantly: listen to what your body is telling you. If it’s telling you to groove to Zumba or downward dog in yoga, listen to it.



Valentine’s Day might be in February, but as far as the stars are concerned, now is the time for you to get all romantic, Virgo. The crush of your dreams is about to sweep you off your feet, which means you might not only have a date for the real V-Day, but also for prom. Eek!



Though your blankets and Netflix are calling for you, this week is about getting out of bed and moving your body, Libra. And just because you share a sign with Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t mean you have to get all Goop-y. Don’t swear off ALL carbs or sugar — remember moderation is better, and way more fun than deprivation.



You’re super popular and super busy this week, Scorpio, whether you like it or not. Your phone’s blowing up with tons of invites, and you’re feeling motivated to basically join ALL the clubs and activities at school. It’s awesome to make new friends, just make sure you’re not forgetting your old besties in the process.



You want to get rid of the energies of 2016 as much as you can, Sag, which is why you’ll find yourself de-cluttering your closet and reorganizing your bedroom and locker. Speaking of practical matters, you’re also into saving as much $$ this year for trips and college, so you’ll probably want to organize a budget now, too.

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