Weekly Horoscope: July 16 – July 22, 2017

It's squad time for the signs

With this being the last week of Cancer season, signs can look forward to tons of low-key squad nights and lazy hazy summer days before Leo takes over and turns us all into ferocious lionesses!

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You’re daydreaming all kinds of awesome ideas, projects, and vacays, Cancer. Keep on dreaming because those bright ideas of yours can turn into something real once the sun enters Leo on the 23rd. What else is dreamy? Your new bae. Just don’t ignore those red flags, ‘k?

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You’re attracting tons of new friends, fans and followers this week, Leo. Just remember that your trust needs to be earned — so if someone’s not being awesome towards you, then they surely don’t deserve YOUR awesomeness. That includes the new summer cutie who’s been blowing up your Snapchat.



You’ve been super busy, Virgo, but finally you’re finding the time to chill with your squad. However, because the stars aren’t done with your career/work zone yet, don’t be surprised if a summer soiree turns into an opportunity to meet some VIPs. Brush up on your small talk skills just in case!



You’re feeling some major wanderlust vibes this week, Libra, which might take you to an exotic locale with fam or friends, or even to an unexplored ‘hood in your town. You’ll also find yourself in “lust” with a new hottie on your travels, but only exchange numbers if you’re really into it.



You’re itching for something new this week, Scorpio, which might mean you checking out a new summer sport or activity or igniting a new creative project that makes your soul sing. Whichever it is, through it, you’ll find a new friend or two who will remain close into autumn.



You might find yourself in the middle of some dramz and harsh words this week, Sag. Instead of clapping back, refocus your attention and energy onto you. Spend time doing the things that make you legit smile and you’ll attract awesome people who will genuinely like you for you — and who are drama free!



Venus is in your wellness zone, Capricorn, which means you’re all about moving your body, drinking green smoothies, and getting your sweat on. But you don’t have to embark upon a new healthy lifestyle solo. Invite a friend or bae to join you, and they’ll be happy you asked.



You have a new bae in your life, Aquarius, and you’re loving the royal treatment. Though it’s awesome to have a summer romance, make sure you’re on the same page. Meaning? If you’re seeing it as temporary and he’s not…then you have a problem. Communication is key.



You’re suffering from tons of FOMO this week, Pisces, so it’s time to embrace how you feel and what you want to do. If you want to hang out with your fam over your friends on a Friday night, own it. Your friends won’t like you less and you’re not missing out on anything. Remain in the present and love who you are, including your decisions.



Your friends want to see more of you, Aries, so don’t be surprised if they drag you out of your bedroom for a girls night out. You’ll thank them later when you turn plenty of heads, including one brave cutie, who has the potential to make the rest of your summer extra hot.



You’re quite the social butterfly this week, Taurus, hanging out with multiple friend circles and attending tons of activities and events. You might feel torn in different directions, so try to combine two groups of friends by hosting a summer pool party.



You’re at the top of everyone’s guest list this week, Gemini, which means you’re basically a certified It Girl. Someone special will notice your charming vibe and will want to exchange numbers. Have fun, but play it cool. After all, you have the rest of the summer to meet new baes — and you will.

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