Weekly Horoscope: July 2 – July 8, 2017

Time for some fireworks, signs!

It’s the Fourth of July and the stars are practically begging us to take ourselves less seriously, so we can enjoy the fireworks!

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You might be over *it* this week, Cancer, but the stars are asking you to look at the big picture instead. Is the relationship/friendship/job worth throwing in the towel, or do you just need to take a (short-term) break? Your peace of mind is most important, but you don’t want to permanently ruin a good thing, either.

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You can’t do it all by yourself, Leo. Two is always better than one, and that includes teamwork. This could mean enlisting the help of others to make that one special dream of yours to come true, or helping your shy BFF overcome her fears to ask out her crush. No matter what, a solid support system is HUGE.



You’re going through some bumps and bruises this week, Virgo. It might not feel like it right now, but everything is unfolding as it should be. Take a deep breath and look at the sky and trust that it’s alllll going to be okay. If you have the opportunity to escape town for a while, take it. It’ll help.



You might be dealing with a frenemy this week, Libra, which is majorly messing with your vibes. Know that you are just as much as fabulous and smart as she is, and that if you aren’t meant to be BFFs, then it’s only for the best. Remember the good times you shared, and then move forward with your head held high.



Your relationship feels ultra complicated this week, Scorpio, but could all the dramz be in your head? This is something to think about right now. Examine your motives for conflict. Are you truly being disrespected or are you picking a fight because you need the attention? Skip the blow out and instead have fun with bae. You’ll be glad you did.



You’re feeling super indecisive right now, Sag. One side of you wants to stay inside and catch up with the latest season of PLL, while the other side of you wants to explore and take risks. Both sides are valid, but if you’re thinking of shrinking back because you don’t believe in yourself, then think again.



The stress and dramz you’ve been experiencing lately is FINALLY coming to an end this week, Capricorn. Take this time to learn the lessons and feel the feelings, and then give yourself permission to move on and move forward. Most of all, don’t forget to let loose and just have FUN. You deserve it!



You’re ready to walk away from a toxic friend or boring bae, Aquarius, and that’s totally okay. Sometimes we need to remove the bad stuff in order to receive even more of the good stuff that life has to offer. If you need help accessing good vibes, check out a new meditation app or yoga class.



You’re head over heels in loooooove, Pisces, or what feels a lot like the four-letter word. Enjoy this moment and this awesome feeling you’re experiencing. And if you haven’t expressed your feelings yet to bae, now is the time to basically shout it from the rooftop!



You’re surrounded by a lot of change right now, Aries, but not sure how to respond to all the chaos. The easiest solution? Learn to love and embrace it. Because if you’re open to something new and exciting, then it quite possibly has the potential to change your life for the better. YASSSS.



It’s time to show the world how much of a #girlboss you are this week, Taurus. It might seem scary at first, but if you want something bad enough, then you’ll find the inner strength and bada*sness to make it happen. Go ahead and unleash your inner Kylie Jenner — you got this.



You might feel super stuck right now, Gemini. Shake up your routine by trying out a new activity this summer or by volunteering at a local charity close to your heart. You might even consider expanding your social circle and saying bye to the friends who weigh you down. You’ll feel lighter when you let the old go, and let the new in.


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