Weekly Horoscope: July 9 – July 15, 2017

It's time to DIG DEEP

The full moon on July 9 is in #girlboss sign, Capricorn, which means honor your inner Wonder Woman and GET IT.

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This is YOUR time, birthday girl, which means it’s time to let loose and have fun with your nearest and dearest. Your relationships are on fire this week, so don’t be surprised if a summer fling turns into a real thing, or bae wants to make your relaysh Instagram official.

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You’re being pulled into two different directions this week, Lioness. One side of you wants to veg out and take catnaps poolside, while the other side wants to work, work, work. Strike a balance. Go above and beyond at your internship, and then retreat to the beach.



You’re at the top of everyone’s guest list this week, Virgo, which means you have zero time for chillin’. That’s okay. You can relax next month. In the meantime, explore new social circles and don’t say no to that cutie who asks you out just because he doesn’t look like your type.



You’re a homebody this week, Libra, which means you’re all about redecorating your bedroom, working on your passion project and/or attacking your Netflix queue with gusto. Just make sure you’re not shutting yourself out from issues that need to be dealt with pronto.



You’re celebrating your independence for the rest of this month, Scorpio. Translation? You’re not into couple-ing up or doing anything you don’t want to do. There’s a new bae who might want to convince you that he’s the exception, but keep doing you and keeping him guessing!



You’re going through a deep time, Sag. You might be listening to tons of Adele right now and trying to figure it allll out. You’re doing all the right things, but try not to be too hard on yourself. We all go through rough patches. Just stay true to you and this too shall pass.



You usually like to fly solo, Capricorn, but the stars are in serious matchmaking mode when it comes to you. With the Full Moon in your sign on the 9th, you might even feel — dare I say? — mushy and lovey-dovey. Whether you’re single or paired up, there’s romance all around.



The Full Moon is ready to set your soul on fire, Aquarius, so be ready for it. You’ve been itching to do something –whether it’s tackle a new creative project or apply for an internship, and now the stars are setting the stage for you to take some serious action towards making your dreams a reality.



You might need to let something or someone go this week, Pisces. Saying good bye is never an easy thing, but it’s usually always necessary and super healing. Be honest with your feelings and say what you need to say, and honor where you’re at. Change only equals growth.



You’re all about relaxing and taking FULL advantage of your summer vacay, Aries. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or snuggling up with bae with the AC on, you just want to be cozy and chill. However, don’t be surprised if a new opportunity comes knocking, waking you UP.



You’re trying to deal and figure out someone else’s feelings this week, Taurus, and the trouble with that is…it’s near impossible. People are different and complicated and do things for all sorts of reasons we won’t ever understand. Take care of you, and everything else will fall into place.



The stars are demanding you take some risks this week, Gemini. That is, if you really want what you really want. Risks are totally scary, but how will you know the answer if you don’t at least try? Dig deep and believe in yourself with your whole heart. You got this.

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