Weekly Horoscope: June 18 – June 24, 2017

Bring on the summer solstice

With the sun and Mercury joining Mars in Cancer on June 21, the start of summer solstice, the signs are in for a lot of emotion and some serious #girlpower this week.

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Your birthday festivities are wrapping up this week, Gemini, so no wonder you might be feeling a little lonely. You might notice your friends are busier than usual — don’t take it personally. Instead take the time to look for a new summer job. After all that celebrating, your piggy bank needs $$$.

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With your birthday around the corner, Cancer, you’re definitely all about #goodvibes lately. And with the new moon in Cancer on June 23, this week is basically like Christmas for you. Make a wish list of intentions and goals you’d like to achieve this summer — and which presents you’d love for your birthday, of course.



If you’re feeling stressed out this week, Leo, it’s totally okay to take a break. In fact, it’s necessary. Unplug your phone and take a digital detox. While you’re away, you could meet a new bae who will sweep you off your feet. Just make sure they are 100% legit.



This is a good week to understand the value of attitude, Virgo. Maybe your summer vacay plans were canceled. Maybe you were disappointed by a friend. Life will give you all sorts of bumps and bruises, but your response to what happens will make the difference between a bad day or a good day. Focus on the good.



With Jupiter in your sign this month, Libra, you’re basically a lucky penny. This week, try something new and exciting — with the knowledge that you are as magical as a unicorn. Say hi to the new cutie at the local pool, or explore some place new in your community. Stray out of your comfort zone!



You might be experiencing a lot of dramz this week, Scorpio, and unfortunately it’s not yours. Refrain from getting involved and instead focus on embarking on a new adventure. Plan a road trip with your BFF or escape to grandma’s cabin. A change of scenery will do you a lot of good.



FOMO might be overcoming your life right now, Sag, which just means instead of focusing on your life, you’re focusing on other people’s. That could be a sign that you’re not being true to what you like, and/or you’re feeling stuck. Tackle a new activity that you’ve always wanted to try, and remember to DO YOU. You’ll feel better.



You’re ambitious and smart and always have something on the go, Cappy, but the cosmos are begging you to let go and have FUN! Schedule serious hangs with your squad and focus on exploring your spontaneous side. Chances are you could meet a new bae who could be more than a summer romance.



You’ve been partying hard lately, Aquarius, but this week you’re going to slooooow it down a bit. Your party side is leaning towards being more practical, which is different for you, but totally necessary for #selfcare. Stay in this weekend, catch up on your Netflix, and put your energy into a new physical activity.



This is a perf time to do some serious purging, Pisces. Go through your closet and bedroom and go KonMari. Donate and throw out all that no longer brings you joy. Keep your heart open, and you might be pleasantly surprised by a new crush who could change your life.



You’re in serious deliberation mode when it comes to your relationships, Aries. Maybe you’re wary of a toxic friend, or maybe you’re tired of being mad and sad about bae all the time. Whichever it is, make the decision for a happier life and then tell those with the bad vibes, byeeeeee.



You’re about to meet a new soulmate this week, Taurus. Maybe it’s not the bae of your dreams, but a new BFF who could very well be your “person.” She might seem opposite to you, but if you’ve got the feeling she’d make a great taco companion, invite her out for some Mexican.

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