Weekly Horoscope: Keep Your Head Up and Heart Open

Suffer no fools

Weekly Horoscope: Keep Your Head Up and Heart Open


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October is here, and with it comes a sort of intense, moody, and witchy vibe that one would expect from the month of Halloween. Everyone’s feeling the same kind of heaviness, so now is the perf time to have a little bit more patience with one another. Extend extra kindness to yourself and those around you, and get planning that spooky costume!



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The full moon on the 5th is in your relationship house, Libra, which means this is an awesome opportunity to see things as they really are — and not how you want them to be. If you need to tell that boy, bye, here’s your chance. On the flip side, if you notice bae has been extra attentive lately and you haven’t been, treat him to date night.



Something’s been bothering you lately, Scorpio, and whatever that something is — bae, parents, BFF — you can expect that issue to come to some major light during the full moon on the 5th. Trust that whatever happens, is happening for your highest good. And don’t be afraid to speak your truth.



You might experience some unexpected spending this week, Sag, which might affect your budget and/or that special somethin’ somethin’ that you’ve been saving for. Spending cash that you don’t necessarily have sucks, however be grateful for the $$ you do have. Gratitude, above everything else, will help you through it.



The full moon on October 5th is affecting your fam jam and/or home, Cappy. This might mean some serious family dramz (but hopefully nothing too serious!) or maybe you have a weirdo roomie who you need to escape from pronto. Whatever it is, stay connected to your best self and take a moment to breathe. You got this.



You might be tempted to toss out some truths that will truly pack a punch, Aquarius. Though you might have every right to speak your mind, some things really are best left unsaid. You don’t want to regret saying something that will come back to haunt you later. Besides, you’re better than that, love.



You’re holding onto something that no longer serves you, Pisces. Coming to terms with that truth will be painful and difficult. But holding onto something that can’t bring you happiness or peace — whether it’s a relationship, friendship or project — is way worse. Let go, and be free.



You’re feeling super emotional during the full moon on the 5th, Aries. The Harvest Moon has got you questioning all sorts of things, including what you hold to be true. Challenging your core beliefs can be both a powerful and troubling thing. Don’t be afraid to dig deep. You’re headed for a major transformation soon.



What have you been keeping secret, Taurus? Whatever it is — a creative writing project? a romance? — will come to light during the full moon on the 5th. Though you might not be ready to share it with the rest of the world, your response to it being revealed will affect how the news will be received. Is it positive, or negative?



You’re all about embracing the new and saying goodbye to the old, Gemini. This week will bring about a number of changes, including the ending of a friendship or relationship. Staying flexible and open to change will not only help with your grief, but it will also open you up to new amazing opportunities that are waiting for you.



The full moon on the 5th is playing games with your heart, Cancer. You’re an emotional creature anyway, but things are about to get super heavy this week. Thankfully, a new professional opportunity can distract you from your current relationship woes. Lead with your head and not with your heart this time. You’ll be glad you did.



You’re feeling pretty frustrated this week, Leo. It looks like a certain project and/or relationship in which you’ve invested plenty of time, energy and feeling isn’t exactly working out the way you hoped it would. That’s okay. Cut your losses, take a deep breath and move on. Something new is on the horizon.



You’ve been going through all sorts of changes and transformations, Virgo. So much so that you might just want to stay home and hide underneath the covers. But change is still knocking on your door, and the stars want you to answer it. Once you let go of your fears, you will love all the newness in your life. Promise.