Weekly Horoscope: The Emotional Makeover You’ve Been Craving

The stars are helping you break through


There’s a New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th, which brings a kind of spiritual awakening as well as closure on any emotional issues we’ve been facing recently. Clarity and closure? Yep, the signs are about to get #woke.

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Striking out in the romance department? It’s okay to take a break from the dating scene, birthday girl. With the new moon in your sign this week, it’s the perf time to set some clear goals that are just YOURS, and to focus on you. Whatever you are wishing for will come true. Even a new love. Just be patient.

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You’re wrapping up what needs to be over — projects, friendships, crushes — and though you might feel a bit sad, Sag, you *know* it’s for the best. Before your birthday comes next week, you really should tie up any loose ends, because you might get a new bae as a present!


You’re a little social butterfly this week, Cappy, bringing together friends, including groups who might not think hang out all that often. Stay open to meeting new people, because you could very well expand your squad with even more amazing people. And, if you have to — cut, cut, cut.


You’re ambitious AF this month, Aquarius. This is the last week to network and mingle with VIPs and potential employers before you can chill out for the holiday season. Don’t be afraid to showcase your talents, including promoting your side hustle. That side hustle could lead to some serious $$$.


You are dreaming of big adventure and travel, Pisces. If you ‘re serious, check out any last-minute deals for a short girls trip during Christmas vacay. Looking for something cheap? Plan a road trip home or a staycation. Any change of scenery will be good for you now.








You might have a number of admirers right now, Aries, but you’re looking for the real thing. You want serious, like Instagram-official serious, and by the time the New Moon comes around, you might just get what you’re looking for. Stay true to your values, and be open to love.


Whether you’re coupled up or single, you’re in “relationship mode,” Taurus. If you’re committed to someone, you will reach a new level of intimacy with your partner, which will feel soooo good. If you’re still looking, don’t be surprised if your new love shows up when you stop looking — and sweeps you off your feet.


When it comes to everything from socializing to treating yourself to even exercising, this should be your motto, Gemini: “All good things in moderation. ” The holidays are around the corner, but it’s important to go slow and steady. You’ve got a long season ahead of you — you don’t want to burn out.


It’s getting cold outside, Cancer, but don’t let Netflix and your bed keep you from going out and being with three-dimensional people. It might be easier for you to retreat into your shell, but the stars are asking you to push yourself. Who knows? You might meet a new crush.


You’re doing some major inner renovations, Leo, which means expanding your horizons and connecting with new peeps who could quickly become members of your tribe. So if you’ve been curious, check out that hip-hop or pottery class. You’ll be glad you did!













You’re finding your voice, and this is the week to use it, Virgo. Whether it’s speaking up more in class to share your thoughts or confronting someone who you’ve been avoiding for weeks, now is the time to honor who you are. Expressing yourself is not only freeing, it will also allow you to grow in amazing ways.


You’re super busy, Libra, but all work and no play makes you a pretty sad girl. You can balance slaying at school, internship, and life with making time to have some fun. You are the symbol of scales, remember? You are the ultimate balancing act. You got this.

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

Brianne Hogan is a freelance writer in Toronto who loves coffee, cats and astrology. Her byline's been featured on HelloGiggles, Elle Canada, Flare, Thrillist, among others. Keep up with her on Twitter, Facebook or her blog.