Weekly Horoscope: March 12 – March 18, 2017

Change is in the air

Spring Break vibes are all around this week. No wonder the signs are experiencing a desire for change, including traveling to galaxies far, far, far away.

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With the Full Moon in your relationship house on the 12th, you’re feeling major relationshippy this week, Pisces. You’re over playing games and keeping things casual. You want a serious LOVE, and that means you’re ready to say “hi” to that new hottie at school, and/or telling that hot’n cold boy, bye.

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You’re ready for a big change, Aries. Whether that means going on a serious vacay or saying no to more things in your life — or both! — you are determined to get yourself out of a rut. The Full Moon on the 12th is the perf time to quit a bad habit and open yourself to something completely brand new.



You’re feeling extra sociable this week, Taurus, and your playful vibes could definitely attract a new cutie in your life. The only problem? You’re so into connecting with people that it will be hard for to determine who’s a player and who’s seriously a prince. When in doubt, ask your squad for their opinion.



Uh-oh. You’re in for some dramz this week, Gemini. From your BFFs to BF, your stress levels are at an all-time high, which might make you want to avoid everyone and everything. But LBH: you’ve created a lot of this drama yourself, and now it’s time to come clean. Stop avoiding, and deal. You’ll feel better for it.



You’re feeling super confused and lost this week, Cancer. Rather than going for the easy and retreating to the beach and running away from your probs, face your issues head-on. The Full Moon is the best time to figure out if you’re on the best path for yourself. Get still, and then clarity will follow.



You’re in the mood to party this week, Leo. Well, more than usual, that is. The Full Moon has brought a reward for your hard work and dedication, and VIPs are wanting to celebrate YOU. Before you get cray, take the time to apply to your dream schools and/or circulate your resume to your dream internship. You got this!



The Full Moon is in your sign this week, Virgo, so get ready to feel allllll the feels. You’ll be figuring out what’s working in your life and what’s not. You might end friendships or quit extra curricular activities that don’t bring you happiness. That’s totally okay. You’re growing, and that’s more important than holding onto stuff that doesn’t make you smile.



Pay attention to your dreams this week, Libra. You might receive some heavy duty messages that you need to hear right now through them. You’re in the middle of a major transformation, and you need to be open to receiving advice and support from anything and anyone — including your subconscious.



It’s time for you to step up and be the really awesome friend that you truly are, Scorpio. Though it would be easier to just do you right now, the cosmos beg to differ. Set your ego aside, and, instead, be there for your loved ones. Maybe plan a movie night with your bestie or a spa day with Mom. Remember: when you make others feel good, you feel good.



You’re going to need your squad more than ever this week, Sag. Maybe one of your BFFs will introduce you to a VIP that will help with your college apps, or maybe you just need a shoulder to cry/vent on. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to ask for support and be grateful that you have such amazing friends in your life.



You’re feeling blue this week, Capricorn, but now is the time to look past your pain and get a better glimpse at the bigger picture. You are responsible for your feelings, meaning you are CHOOSING to feel down. Instead, choose to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and remember that your pain is as permanent as you want it to be.



You’re ready for something — or someone — to rock your world this week, Aquarius. And if you are ready to really let go of your past stresses, then you might just get what you wish for. Write down your new intentions and then tear them up on the Full Moon on the 12th and let them go into the Universe. Then wait for your dreams to come true.

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