Weekly Horoscope: March 26 – April 1, 2017

The stars bring tons of opps this week

It might be April Fool’s this week, but the signs are def not fooling around. From romance to getting things done, the signs are all on fire.

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This is your BIG moment, Aries. The new moon in your sign on March 27 marks the perf time to launch your wildest dreams.  This is the one day of the year where you have full-on permission to be focused on yourself — without any apologies. Consult your wish list and then make a bold #girlboss move.

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It’s time to confront toxic relationships, overdue homework, and anything else you’ve been avoiding, Taurus. It’s time to get honest with yourself and move through the procrastination and all the stuff that is holding you back from your awesomeness. Get out your diary or lean on your squad, if necessary.



Your past is coming back to haunt you this week, Gemini. You might be faced with a former flame, an ex-BFF, and/or past patterns that are still affecting your current life. You can only learn from your past by not repeating it. Once you’ve done that, you can swiftly move into your amazing future.



You’re receiving some major inspo from the stars this week, Cancer. A dream internship or a cool project could come your way on the 27th thanks to the new moon in Aries. Now is the time to become the #girlboss that you’ve always envisioned. Go ahead and take the risk!



Some romance is headed your way this week, Leo. If single, you could receive a surprising text from an ex, which might make you rethink things. While reunions can be passionate, don’t make a real decision until mid-April. If attached, a short getaway will reignite your love.



You’re ready, Virgo. Whatever that means to you — whether it’s taking on a new job, traveling to Europe, or going out on a date with your crush — you’re finally ready to tackle what scares you. Take a deep breath and own it because you deserve allllll the happiness.



You’re about to undergo an emotional detox this week, Libra. What does this mean? It could mean you’re shifting through the doubts and fears you’ve always carried. It could also mean cutting ties with frenemies and exes who don’t have your best interests at heart. Letting go is scary — but it’s also soooooo freeing.



You could find yourself in the middle of some dramz this week, Scorpio. No matter what, don’t let other people’s problems distract you from your work or any other goals you’ve set for yourself this week. Stay strong and be the bigger person — even if the people around you are being jerks.



The new moon on the 27th could ignite some big fireworks for single Sags. Attached? Your bae could pleasantly surprise you with a sweet for-no-reason gift, like concert tix to your fave band. This is also an amazing week to plant creative seeds to watch them grow later on in the spring.



You might meet an awesome mentor this week, Capricorn. This VIP could take you under her wing and help you with your upcoming school/internship/work apps. Keep your head held high, exude your bad*ss self and believe that you are worthy of all truly good things because you are, Cappy!



Lots of emotions are heading your way this week, Aquarius. Not only are you feeling tons of feels, but so is everyone else around you — yikes! Have patience for both yourself and your loved ones, and choose to be the peacemaker of the group.  Being the bigger person will help calm your nerves.



You’re still feeling like lying low this week after all the recent birthday party and spring break shenanigans, Pisces. Now is the best time to regroup and recharge. Spend some in nature. Eat some clean food (now is the perf time to explore a plant-based diet) and chill out with friends.

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