Weekly Horoscope: March 5 – March 11, 2017

We're officially in Pisces season

We’re officially in Pisces season, which means tons of cozy nights, comfort foods, and creativity. Get ready to hunker down and be still like vegetables until ambitious Aries rocks our world.

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You’ve been stuck in a romantic rut, Birthday Girl, but this week your luck in love will suddenly change. Don’t be surprised if a former admirer you brushed off before suddenly reappears in your life looking hotter than ever. This is what second chances are made for!

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You have big dreams, Aries, but do you have a plan? Daydreaming and creating vision boards are great, but you also need to have a solid plan to turn your goals into reality. Seek out advice from a teacher or mentor who could help, and don’t forget patience is a virtue.



You’re being called to lead this week, Taurus. Whether it’s something small like a study group or larger like a debate team, your #girlboss skills are required. Step up to the plate and embrace the new responsibility. You’ll be glad you did when a VIP notices your hard work and rewards you later on.



You’re tapping into some major creativity this week, Gemini. The good news? Something you create could go viral sometime this month! Here’s the catch: you have to stay true to YOU. Don’t play it safe and make something that’s already been done — create from your heart, and the fame will follow.



You’re not feeling like yourself this week, Cancer, and that’s totally okay. Instead of judging yourself or comparing yourself to your friends and peers, take the time to tap into your inner voice to figure out what’s going on. From there, proceed with a major dose of self-care and love. You got this.



You’re about to get a visit from the past this week, Leo. It could be a text from a former bestie or a Snap from an ex. Before you respond, take the time to check in with yourself and decide if reconnecting with them is really something you want. No matter what, stay away from any dramz.



Your relationship with bae — or a potential bae — will take up most of your head space this week, Virgo. Don’t let past bad experiences or any anxiety affect your new relationship. Being scared of intimacy and vulnerability is normal, but you deserve to be happy! Remember that and then proceed.



You’ve got a spring in your step this week, Libra, which means you’re dreaming of fancy new athlesiure gear and getting your sweat on at the gym. This is a great time to focus on YOU and taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. You can party like it’s Fri-yay next week. For now, it’s hot yoga.



You’re feeling alllll the feels this week, Scorpio. Though you might want to retreat into your cave of Netflix and blankets, you should reconsider healing your blues with art. Painting, dancing or writing will inspire and refresh you and get you back to feeling like yourself in no time.



You’re all about your squad this week, Sagittarius. You’re in the mood for some serious girl bonding, so take the lead by organizing a Netflix night with your besties or a dinner at your fave hangout. Don’t be surprised that one of your besties will need your shoulder to cry on when she tells that boy bye.



You’ve got a lot going on this week, Capricorn, but remember that you can’t be and do everything — and that’s totally OK! By attempting to do everything Capricorn-like (a.k.a perfect), you’re only going to end up feeling exhausted and resentful. Instead prioritize what feels right to YOU and let go of the rest.



You’re being pulled and pushed in two different directions this week, Aquarius. Maybe your parents want you to make the lacrosse team, but you’d rather join the dance team. Maybe your two besties are fighting and you’re being put in the middle. No matter what is, lead with your heart and make the best decision for YOU.


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