Weekly Horoscope: May 14 – May 20, 2017

It's almost Gemini time

Just when you thought May couldn’t get anymore fun, the sun moves into Gemini by the end of the week. Which means? Tons of parties and chillin’ with bae. Summer vacay is coming early this year! YASSSSS!

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It’s your birthday and you CAN cry if you want to, Taurus. Maybe it’s because your birthday season is ending soon, but you’re feeling all kinds of feels this week. The good news is dealing with your emotions is the best gift you can give yourself. As you release old stuff, you’re welcoming sooooo much good. Trust.

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In typical Gemini fashion, you’re going from zero to sixty to zero again this week. It’s hard to know what’s enough, not enough or too much, especially when you want to be apart of EVERYTHING. It’s time to say good bye to FOMO and the need to impress. Because guess what? You ARE enough.



Your creative streak is on fire this week, Cancer. Don’t be afraid to start that new blog or Instagram to showcase your amazing talents. The stars are aligning for you to make some serious gains when it comes to your career goals, which means it’s also a good time to attend a new workshop or class.



You’re super focused when it comes to school and your summer job, Leo, but when it comes to your personal life? Whole different story. If you love your single status, own it. If you need space from bae for a while, ask for it. If you want to date that new hottie, do it. Be clear with what you want, and you’ll get it.



Be careful what you say this week, Virgo, because your words might come back to haunt you. It might be tempting to support a friend in need (you ARE incredibly loyal), but try to resist name-calling, spreading gossip and/or getting involved with dramz. You’re better than that.



Someone in your life will push your buttons this week, Libra. Maybe it’s your mom, BFF or bae. Whoever it is, it’s on you to not act out or shut them out. Conflict can easily turn into meaningful conversations if we’re willing to put our egos aside. No matter how hard or awk it is, honesty is healing.



The moon is in your sign now, Scorpio, which means it’s the perfect time to check in with your bada*s self. Prioritize what’s important to you and then go ahead and do it. Maybe it’s spending time with your besties, going to the gym more often, or working on that forgotten art project. Just show yourself some love!



You’re all about saying no to the negatives in your life, Sag. Whether you have a frenemy in your squad or a mean girl as a co-worker, it’s time to stop making up excuses for their bad behavior and set some boundaries. Remember: it’s okay to say good bye to someone when their stay wears out their welcome.



Cupid has his arrow pointing at your heart this month, Cappy, so why do you keep dodging it? We know you love working and creating stuff, but you also need to enjoy yourself too. This week is the perfect time to let love in and text that cutie back. You’ll be happy you did.



You’re getting clear about your goals this week, Aquarius. The end of the school year – not to mention the cosmos – are urging you to take stock of where you’re at in regards to where you want to go. If you haven’t been happy with recent choices, now is the time to switch things up. Don’t worry — it’s never too late.



You’re in full-on social butterfly mode this week, Pisces. You might want to organize a trivia night with your study group or meet up with your besties at your fave spot — or both. Just make sure you’re spending within your budget. You have unexpected bills from spontaneous splurges, which, yes, need to be paid.



You’ve been all about school and work lately, Aries, but that’s all about to change. Once you take your nose out of the books, you’ll notice a special someone checking you out. Though you might have your doubts about compatibility with your new admirer (i.e. he’s a jock, you’re an artist), give him a second chance. You might be surprised!

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