Weekly Horoscope: May 7 – May 13, 2017

The cosmos say May is A-Okay

May, where have you been all our life/year?! With the moon’s North Node moving into Leo (where it will stay for over a year) and the sun remaining in Taurus until the 20th, the cosmos are basically begging us to play and have fun this month. Don’t have to tell us twice!

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Happy birthday, girl! Like the spring season, your birthday month = fresh opportunities and new beginnings. As you release the old — friendships, relationships, your haircut — you’re clearing space for awesome new stuff to enter your life. For example, a new bae who could become serious by the summer.

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This month your ruler Mercury is stationed directly in Aries, which means it’s GO TIME, Gemini. Want that dream job? Start polishing your resume and networking like the #girlboss you are. Want a commitment from your guy? Discuss your needs, or tell that boy, bye.



You’re in a super social mood this week, Cancer. Not only are you super excited to hang with your squad and plan amazing summer adventures together, but your flirty and charming ‘tude is attracting tons of admirers. Circle May 10th on your calendar: that could be the day you meet the bae of your dreams.



Time to roar like the lioness you are, Leo. With Mercury Retrograde finally over, now is the perf time to submit apps and resumes to VIPs, and attend job fairs and networking events. You might even consider volunteering for a special cause to keep active in your community.



Step away from Google and WebMD, Virgo. You’re not sick — you’re just suffering from a major case of wanderlust. Now is the time to firm up any travel plans for the summer. Road trips, music fests, and even weekend vacays are great options for you. After all your recent stress, you deserve a vacay — treat yo self!



With Venus in your sign this month, you are in need of some serious “me” time this week, Libra. Now would be the perf time to give yourself that much-needed digital detox. Get a jump on your summer reading, or you might consider starting up a creative project to pass the time. You’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed in no time.



With all the new change in your life right now, Scorpio, it’s not surprising that you’re looking for a way out. However, the cosmos are asking you to stay home and deal. Grounding yourself — whether it’s taking a spa vacation in your bathtub or spending time with your fam jam — will do you a world of good.



Now is not the time to duck into Netflix cave, Sag. The cosmos want to fill up your Google social calendar — so let them. You are sporting a super flirty and charming energy this week, which will attract a new crush or two in your life. Don’t be surprised if a friend suddenly becomes more than that.



You’ve been doubting your skills lately, Cappy, and that is just wrong. You’re the hardworking, kicka*s sign of the zodiac — don’t ever forget that. Which means that no matter what, you go above and beyond every time. So chill. If anything, take a boxing class to work out those frustrations.



When in doubt, listen to your bod this week, Aquarius. If you aren’t sure what you need, your body will know. Feeling tired? Take a nap, or do some easy yoga. Have tons of energy? Go for a jog or dive into a project. Also, trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.



You’re slaying this week, Pisces, and everyone’s noticing. Your popularity is soaring right now, so much that you’re on top of everyone’s guest lists. However, with all this attention, you might want to chill with your besties, which is totally cool. Plan a slumber party and just hang without any pressure.



You’re coming out of a dark place, Aries. The good news? The worst is behind you. The even better news? You’re stronger now than ever before. Which means you’re more confident than ever to take advantage of opportunities, like hitting up that important VIP for career advice or hitting on that cutie at the gym.

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