Weekly Horoscope: New Beginnings Are On The Way

Be still and chill


Christmas + Winter Solstice = new beginnings. Think rebirth and rejuvenation. This is the perfect time to cozy up on the couch with a journal and write down all you’ve learned this year, and who you want to be in the New Year. You’re coming into who you are meant to be — own it.

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With Mercury Retrograde ending this week and the Sun meeting Saturn (your home planet), Capricorns are feeling more clear than ever. You now know what you want in 2018, and that includes a stable relationship. You’re ambitious AF, but you’re also a secret romantic. Keep your heart open, and don’t be surprised if you receive a flirty text on Dec. 25.

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Your party mode is going into hibernation this week, Aquarius. It’s time for you to get still and tie up any loose ends from 2017. You’re in a serious mood, which means it’s the perf time to meditate on whatever, or whomever, is bothering you and let. it. go. But don’t be afraid to lighten up on Dec. 25 when you get a surprise invite out.



You’re in a super sociable mood this week, Pisces, which might lead you to meet top VIPs who could help you manifest your dreams in 2018. You have a TON of goals for the New Year, and now it’s time to stop fantasizing about them and, instead, turn them into reality. Believe in yourself!



You’ve got no chill this week, Aries. Everyone around you is relaxing, and you’re all like, “I’ve got things to do! Like ruling the world!” Follow your gut, and you’ll see things will easily unfold in your favor. Your hard work will pay off when you receive special recognition from a pretty important person.



You typically love to eat, cuddle, and cozy up on the couch, Taurus. However, this week will make you to want to buckle down and get stuff done. You realize you’ve been kinda lazy in some departments that need some intense tidying up. Time to clean up your life for 2018! You’re more than ready.



You’re unraveling old habits surrounding what’s near and dear to you, Gemini. Primarily: money and love. You are committed to starting a new budget in 2018 — and sticking with it. And when it comes to love, don’t be surprised that you’ll be more honest and straightforward when it comes to your desires than you’ve ever been. Get it, girl.



You’re sooo over playing games with your heart, Cancer. This week, you’re all about commitment. You know what you want, and if that means expressing your needs, or letting someone go, you are going to do just that. Once you decide to discard the old, don’t be surprised when things — a new relationship? — suddenly click into place.



You are discovering a new, responsible side of yourself this week, Leo. Though you’ll always be your “fun-loving” self, you’re def more serious than usual as the year comes to an end. You want to be taken more seriously in 2018, and you’re all about proving that you got this. Don’t worry — you do.



‘Tis the season for indulging your fun side, Virgo. You are loosening your grip on your control-freak tendencies, and are more open to being spontaneous and even flirty. Yes, you! Enjoy this time, and don’t be surprised if a new crush becomes something more in 2018.



You’re embracing your darker side this week, Libra. It might not be the most Christmas-y of vibes, but with both Saturn and Venus being in Capricorn, you’re more serious than usual about how you feel about yourself and your relationships. Don’t let the mood get you *too* down, though. Take this time to get clear about what you really want and need.



You’re itching to express yourself this week, Scorpio. From voicing what’s on your mind (in a direct but kind manner) to creating a cool piece of art, it’s time to dig deep and free yourself. This might even mean kissing your new crush! Whatever makes you feel ALIVE, do that thing.



You’re still focusing on your self-worth this week, Sag. You’re wondering about your value as a person in all areas of your life, from the personal to the professional. Remember: quality always outranks quantity. Take this time to get clear about what makes you feel good. Never confuse what you’re offered for what you’re worth.


Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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