Weekly Horoscope: No Matter What, Don’t Spill the Tea

It's Sag season

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This week, we close out Scorpio season and begin anew with Sagittarius. The Archer is an independent fire sign, which will bring a lot more boldness, intensity, and sense of adventure to the signs. Though this can be an exciting time, it doesn’t mean you should forgo your responsibilities and spill any tea. Check yourself.

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The Sagittarius season is urging you to find your voice, Scorpio. If you ask for what you want — whether it’s the love you need, or the extra hours at your job — you’re likely to get it. This is also the perf time to save up money and create the budget you’ll need post-holiday season (which is why you’ll need extra $$ right now, too).

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Happy birthday, Sag! You’re feeling reborn this week, which is fitting. After an emotional couple of weeks, you’re ready to take charge of your life, and slay hard. Don’t be surprised if you have a genius creative idea that will have you staying up all night deliberating. It’s time to get yours!



You’re going to be torn in two verrry different directions this week, Cappy. On one hand, you’re being asked to turn inward and take a moment to be alone, diving into a good book and taking time for yourself. On the other, you might receive an unexpected text from a crush who wants to connect. Follow your gut (and try to balance both).



You’re all about socializing this week, Aquarius. This is a great time to RSVP to that networking event to hit up some VIPs and potential mentors. You might also connect with a creative community where you’ll be able to bounce ideas off of other people in your field. Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. What you say has value.



With Neptune turning direct this week, Pisces, you’re about to feel all the feels. Though you’ll want to check out and escape into your comfortable fantasy world, make sure you are taking care of yourself in really healthy ways. For example, meditating and getting quality ZZZs are better options than giving into self-destructive tendencies.



After finding yourself in a bit of conflict this weekend (you are a stubborn Ram, after all) you might want to disappear into your books for the rest of the week. The sun in Sagittarius will inspire you to study and explore new areas of interests, including reigniting your passion for travel. This is a good time to plan for spring break!



You’ve been avoiding certain conversations that need to be had for a while, Taurus, but now Sag season wants you to let go of the things — including people — that no longer serve you. It’s time to focus on where YOU want to be headed. Get clear, release the baggage, and move forward. You got this.



You’re going to run into some major ‘tude this week, Gemini. Try not to get roped into any dramas — even if it seems to be impossible. Take the high road, always. Also, don’t be surprised if this intense energy plays into your love life, which will actually be a good thing. You might be in for some hot romance!



Crossing things off your to-do list is your priority this week, Cancer. You’re in full-on productive mode, so you don’t want anything or anyone to throw you off your game. You might find yourself in the midst of some competition. Don’t hold back because you’re just as deserving of success as anyone else.



Sag season = your new fave season, Leo. You just want to have fun right now, and the Sag season fully supports this. You’ll be less nostalgic and emotional going into the holiday season. Now you’re all about showing off your badass self and being the life of the party — a role that you were truly born for.



Taking some space and getting clear on your boundaries are important steps for you right now, Virgo. You’ve been through a lot emotionally, so you deserve the time to be with yourself and to get honest about who and what matter to you. Don’t let anyone bully you, either. Freedom is so important — fight for it.



Avoid getting sucked into any power struggles this week, Libra. You’ll notice the people around you are more edgy than usual, but that doesn’t mean you have to dim your light or sink to their level. Keep doing you, and remember the haters are gonna hate. Shine on, friend.


Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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