Weekly Horoscope: November 20 – November 26, 2016

Wanderlust is in the stars

As the sun kicks into Sagittarius territory on the 21st — just in time for Thanksgiving — the signs will desire some adventure like never before.

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Life lightens up for you this week, Aries. Thanks to the sun in Sagittarius, you are feeling hopeful and your wanderlust is in high gear. Research your dream cities. You might even want to start stashing away $$$ for your future travels. Just make sure you’re not running away from your problems.

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This week is the perfect time to let go of the old and let in the new, Taurus. But the changes that come with fresh beginnings are making you super anxious, and LBH: you’re scared. It’s OK to be scared sometimes, but don’t let your love of comfort keep you stuck and unhappy.



You’re moving forward with your self-care regimen this week, Gemini. This might mean cleaning and organizing your bedroom, getting quality sleep, and heading to regular yoga sweat sessions. Remember: it’s quality over quantity, so don’t push yourself. Just do you, girl. Your soul will thank you.



You’re in the spotlight this week, Cancer. Though you might have to crawl out of your introverted shell, the effort will be well worth it. You’re being recognized for your talents, and, honestly, it’s long overdue. Treat yourself to a blowout, and enjoy the attention. You deserve it!



Your hibernation season kicks into high gear this week, Leo. That means you’re less about hitting up the latest party and more about perfecting your fave pasta recipe. You’re all about spending time either solo or with only your besties, and that’s totally OK. You’ll need your energy for December.



Lots of warm, cozy vibes are headed your way this week, Virgo. Whether you’re hanging out with your BFF or cuddling with your new crush, you’re all about spending quality time with the ones you love. Turkey time with the fam will only add to your newfound social mood.



You’re having a breakthrough this week, Libra. Not gonna lie: it will seem harsh at first, but that’s only because you’re being called on by the cosmos to dig deep and take action on what stirs your soul. Patience is your best friend at this time, too. So only do something that feels like a huge YASSSS.



The intensity of the month winds down this week, Scorpio, once the sun leaves your house and settles into Sagittarius-land. This mean you’ll be feeling tons of emotions and will definitely want your squad around for movie night. And don’t be afraid to have a good cry.



You’re all about typing up loose ends this week, Sag. So make amends with your BFF and finish that art project you’ve been procrastinating. The next four weeks are all about having fun, trying new things, and, of course, flirting. Oh, and happy birthday by the way!



Stress has got you down this week, Capricorn, but the only way to handle your worry is through good old-fashioned action. This is an ideal time for starting a blog, or YouTube channel — whatever it is that will make you feel effective and happy. Stay woke, Cap!



You’re starting to feel like your old self again this week, Aquarius. You’re still super curious about world issues and finding your place in the world, but now you’re also making the time to reconnect with your tribe. You might even host a Thanksgiving party — if so, make sure to invite that new crush who you’ve been eyeing.



You’re dealing with some heavy duty family complications this week, Pisces. A change of scenery will do you, and your fam, good. Maybe that means taking a mini road trip or exploring new hangouts in your hometown. Just remember: you can’t please everyone. Just be yourself, and you’ll be fine.